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18 Easiest Bean Bag Filling Tips

You can expand the lifetime of your bean bag by changing the beans or refilling them. But why should we need to know bean bag filling tips? Do you like to follow traditional methods every time? If not, why? 

These Bean bag filling tips ease your task of filling your bean bag. For instance, when you fill the bean bag, it is better to choose a corner of a room or a bathtub. If you follow these bean bag filling tips, if any spillage happens during the filling time, it will contain in a small area, and cleaning will be effortless. 

Above is just one tip. You can be a bean bag filling expert by following our guide.

bean bag filling tips

Table of Contents

Bean Bag Filling Tips

It is essential to consider things set up before filling the bean bag. These are called pre-filling bean bag tips. So, let’s see what they are. 

Where do you wish to fill your bean bag?

 First, you should ask this question yourself because it is that important. 

  • It is not good to choose a random location to fill your bean bag
  • I do not recommend selecting an outdoor place

You will probably fill bean bags with EPS beads, so choosing an outdoor place will make a significant effort when trying to fill your bean bag. 

Tip 1: You can select a corner of your room or your bathtub

But here, you need to ensure that your bathtub is dry. 

Tip 2: Generally, the place should be an open area

Tip 3: If you choose a tiled floor or one covered in timber or linoleum, it should be too convenient and easy to fill your bean bags

Select those types of floors because you can easily vacuum if you spill any bean bag beads during their fills. 

What Do You Need to Fill Your Bean Bag Easily? 

Why don’t you collect every required thing before you start filling?

Tip 4: Keep your kids away from the bean bag filling area

This is a safety tip. Because if a bean bag spills while filling, it may enter your kids’ respiratory system. So, don’t take a risk. Ask them to stay away from the bean bag filling area until you finish the job.

Tip 5: Remind first what you want to fill your bean bag quickly

Bean bag filling tips, ease your task while doing it. 

Tip 6: Ensure that there are no rips on the outer cover of the bean bag

It means that you should thoroughly inspect the fabric of your bean bag before filling the beans. 

Tip 7: Use paper clips to open the bean bag

Before filling the beans, you have to open the bean bag cover

Tip 8: Get support from your friend

I bet you that If you get support from another one, friend, or family member, the bean bag filling process will become super easy.

Tip 9: Get the support of bull clips if you are unable to get the help of another one to fill your bean bag

Is there no one around to help you? 

In that case, you have an alternative, “Bull clips,” and find them as your partner to get the support filling your bean bag quickly. 

If you want to hold the open bean bag, clip it to the end of a desk, table, or something else. 

Tip 10: Choose a place that is not windy, plus it is better to close all windows and doors in your room

If not, you have to run around to catch your bean bag fillers. 

Tip 11: Spray some moisture on the bean bag cover and bag that consist of tiny EPS beads

Water vapors can reduce the static charges of the EPS beads. So, when you add a small amount of moisture to filling balls, you can do your task easily without any bad experiences.

Tip 12: It is better to have a place without electric equipment

As you already know, EPS beads have a static charge. So, if some of them spill while filling bean bags, they may get attached to electric equipment and can create a mess. 

So, to prevent these situations, selecting a place free from electric equipment is always better. 

Tip 13: Wear a face mask and eye protector

To prevent inhaling tiny EPS beads and dust, wearing a face mask is a better idea. The goggles will help you protect your eyes and do your job without disturbance. 

If not, while filling the bean bag, the small EPS particle enters your eyes. So, do not take a risk. Always follow the precautions. 

Tip 14: Make a funnel to transfer new beans into the bean bag inner cover

Be innovative! Funnel is the best option to fill your bean bag very straightforwardly.

You can use a plastic waste paper bin or bucket as your funnel. If not, make a funnel using paper or cardboard.

Tip 15: Cut the corner of the new bean pack

New beans are on your side when you are ready to fill your bean bag. 

So, it is better to cut a corner of that pack instead cut along the end of the plastic bag unless you have to face big trouble with beans. 

Tip 16: Shake the bean bag well after filling it

Why do you shake the bean bag after filling it? You may confuse because of this filling tip.

Shaking the bean bag well will help to fill the beans in all the corners of the bean bag. However, the most important thing is that make sure the bean bag’s zip is closed well. 

Tip 17: After filling the bean bag, sit on it to ensure whether the filled beans are enough or not

Generally, it is recommended to fill beans 2/3 volume of the bean bag. But after filling beans, let your body feel the comfortability. Your body will decide whether the comfortable level is enough or not. 

If you do not feel much comfortable, it may be a cause of overfilled or underfilled. 

Tip 18: Close the bean bag properly and remove a File clip from the zipper

Using a File clip to open the bean bag could remain after you finish the filling activities. So, do not forget to remove them at the end of your work. 

Final Thoughts

Filling your new bean bag or refilling your existing bean bag does not have to be messy or time-consuming. Following the above bean, ban filling tips will be easier. However, we have a complete article about how to fill your bean bag

Bean Bag Alternatives For Babies

A Bean bag is one of the best pieces of furniture that can use for babies. However, rather than bean bags, there are some other good alternatives.

I have researched many baby bean bags and their alternatives in past years. When I am studying, I pay attention to the four main factors. These are;

  • Safety
  • Material and filler quality
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomics

According to my study, I could find some quality products that perfectly fit the baby’s sleeping postures. What are they?

Let’s check the best bean bag alternatives for babies!

bean bag alternatives for babies

Table of Contents

Baby Lounger Pillow

Breathable Fabric and Fillers

This newborn nest bed mattress is made with ultra-soft breathable cotton. Also, the soft memory foam pad gives excellent comfort to babies’ tender and sensitive skins.


You can perfectly adjust U-shaped headrests and leg pillows according to your baby’s growth. Further, each support pillow contains a rounded safe Velcro and 2 Velcro buckles. It ensures the safety of your child.

Prevent flat head

Flathead syndrome is a common issue among most newborns. So, most parents have doubts about selecting the best sleeping pad to keep their babies safe.

This baby lounger pillow is the best solution for this. The built-in headrest provides excellent support to the infant’s head and neck. So it will evenly disperse the pressure on the skull. Ultimately these features help to keep your baby’s head in a round shape.


Manufacturers use quality accessories to prepare this fantastic sleeping lounger while refusing toxic dyes and materials. Further, the adjustable leg support helps babies with breathing, colic, and digestion processors.


The 1.06-pound weight allows you to carry these fantastic loungers without colossal effort. So, to enjoy this excellent product, click here.

Second Mum Newborn Baby Lounger

The second mum baby lounger is a popular product among mothers. Not only mothers but newborn babies also enjoy it, and this product is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months.

So, let’s check why this mat suit for babies!

Anti-roll function

This is a crucial function that keeps your baby safely in the lounger. The ultra-soft cushion edges ensure maximum comfort and reduce the risk of the startle reflex.

Prevent flat head

The second mum baby lounger is made with ultra-luxuries materials. So, it mimics the environment of the mother’s womb.

Moreover, it contains a head-sharping pillow and helps distribute the skull’s pressure. Plus, this head pillow encourages healthy head movements. Because of these features, your little one can sleep safely here.

Cozy Feel

Newborns are constantly searching the warm and comfortable environments. Thus, this product is designed to meet these requirements. So, if you purchase a second mum baby lounger, your baby can feel comfy, cuddled, and safe.

Good for acid reflux

This U shape pillow comes with the second mum lounger. It is filled with adjustable micro granules. So, it is good to get rid of acid reflux. To know more details about this fantastic product, click here.

TONTON Baby Lounger

This ultra-soft TOATON baby lounger is an ideal product for small babies between 0-8 months. Moreover, customers can buy this at a reasonable price.

Safety is the key parameter of this product, and They include a 360o surrounded bed for this lounger. It will give guardrail protection to your kid by preventing slipping off.

Further, let’s check why TOATON Baby Lounger t is the best alternative for bean bags.

Feather soft Touch

This lounger is made with 100% cotton. So, it provides breathable sleeping space for your baby. Plus, the bumper padding ensures this seat’s fluffy and supportive properties. Thus, the TOATON baby lounger offers an excellent feel for your baby.


This product is certified by Oeko-Tex as a high-quality class I. Every product released into the market should go through quality assurance steps.

Hence, you should not worry about their ergonomics, material quality, or other standards. So, your baby can enjoy a peaceful napping time!

Headrest pillow included

When you view this product, you can notice the headrest pillow has a unique shape. Why did they design it like that?

This pillow shape helps to have a better head posture. Moreover, it can prevent flat head syndrome too.

Adjustable seat

This baby nest is equipped with a ribbon at the bottom. It helps to adjust the bed bumper’s tightness and seat size according to the baby’s size.

Unbelievable warranty period

Most manufacturers give a 3 or 7 days return period. Moreover, they provide around 2,3 months warranty period.

But if you buy a TOATON baby lounger, you will receive 12 months warranty period. No matter when or where they are always ready to serve you. So this is a risk-free product!

Brunette Baby Lounger with Toy Arch

Brunette Baby Lounger with Toy Arch is another excellent baby seat that can use as a bean bag alternative. This seat is also full of brilliant traits. Let’s check them!

Reversible Cover

This Turnextte baby nest has a double-sided cover. Cotton on one side and soft velour on the other side. Also, at the tail end, it has two straps to adjust the size of the lounger to fit your baby’s length.

Offer a Soft Blanket

This baby longer offers some extra benefits with their product. It is a super soft blanket. So, the baby can enjoy a warm nap with this.

Oeko-Tex Certification

If any bean bag or lounger provides a quality certification, you can buy them without any doubt because these products are manufactured under the guidelines of a third party. Also, these quality standards ensure the safety of these products.

Portable Handle & Bionic Shape

This lounger is made with the bionic concept. It means the manufacturer tries to imitate the mom’s womb when preparing this excellent seating pad. So, the baby will feel security sense here. 

Sturdy handle

This is one of the best features of this bean bag. Due to its sturdy handle, this lounger is easy to carry and handle. Moreover, the lightweight enhances this feature. 


Brunette Baby Lounger offers 24 months after-sales service guarantee. So, their customers can contact customer service for any issue. 

Indeed, after reading the product features, now you will hurry to buy this product. So,  click here.

YAVIL Portable Baby Nest Sleeper

If anyone asks, what is the best baby bean bag alternative? It is a portable baby nest sleeper. Do you know why I recommend this?

Check the below features first! Then you will realize how excellent a portable baby nest sleeper is!

Two in one – Canopy function

The Baby nest sleeper provides an extra feature over other seats. That’s why I said that they offer two in one! Besides other sleeping pads, this includes a removable canopy. So, you can cover babies from sun rays in outdoor areas. So, here, your baby can take comfortable sleep.

Mosquito net included

This nesting bag includes a mosquito net. So, it will help keep mosquitoes and other small insects away from your little one. 

Best head and back support

This baby seat is made under CPC certification. So, manufacturers use quality materials such as breathable cotton and fillings. So, it will protect the soft and sensitive skin of the kids. 


The lightweight structure and caring handle allow you to carry this lounger easily. Also, you can be placed this unique seat inside a bassinet, on a bed, floor, or grass.

Here, I mentioned some best features of this beautiful product. You can learn some more exciting facts about this by clicking here

When you select bean bag alternatives for babies, you should check that these alternatives can give the same experience. So, here I include some best products that provide your baby a comfy, safe, cozy, and fluffy feel. Further, all these products go through quality certification. Thus, your baby can spend amazing napping time on it, and you can live without any extra troubles.

Bean Bags Without Chemicals

Everything in this world is a combination of chemicals. For example, trees, flowers, rocks, the sun, fabric, and all other things are made with chemical ingredients. Without them, there is no life or world. So, chemical ingredients are the building blocks of everything.

However, the word chemical used to express different meanings. Mostly if people search for some products without chemicals, they need to ensure this product is safe to use.

As you already know, the bean bag is a super cozy piece of furniture used to take small naps. The tiny beanballs and fabrics are the primary materials for this fantastic sac. The manufacturers mainly use expanded polystyrene beads (EPS beads), memory forms, and cotton to fill these bags. Also, vinyl, leather, cotton, linen, and faux far are primarily used to cover these bean sacs.

However, when producing those materials, there are many chemicals used. Manufacturers use unsafe chemicals, especially when making EPS beads and vinyl fabric.

The best example of this is some people refuse vinyl bean bags. They fear the safety of these products. People believe vinyl bean bags consist of hazardous chemicals. Not only that, people doubt polystyrene beads too. That’s why they always check bean bags without chemicals.

So, how to buy a good bean bag free from chemicals? Or how to select a safe bean bag? It is essential to know these things before purchasing a bean bag. Then you can reject some bad bean bags and go for a better one.

After researching many bean bag types, I found some fantastic products. Let’s check what they are!

Disclaimer: We have done this research with publicly available data. We are not liable for any incorrect or not up-to-date information. We do not get any benefit from the mentioned brands.

bean bags without chemicals

Table of Contents

Big Bean Bag

Big Bean Bag Company is highly concerned about clients’ and environmental safety. Thus, they introduce the first green bean bag into the world. The Big bean bag products have been free from conventional Styrofoam fillers like EPS beads.

Most non-degradable plastics, such as EPS beads, end up in landfills or the ocean. The worst thing is they take hundreds of years to break down. However, the process will not end up with a breakdown. These tiny particles accumulate in the fauna and magnify throughout the food web. That’s why Big Bean Bag Company innovates new technology in this industry.

So, what are these innovations? What does the Big bean bag company use to fill their bean bags?

Let’s check this in detail.


This company uses Bio-foam beads to fill their bean bags. Bio-foams are compostable biopolymers derived from plants. So, this product is eco-friendly.

On the other hand, Big bean bag products are ideal for toddlers and babies. Why? Generally, these kids have sensitive skin and sensations. Thus, each factor should be perfect when you use bean bags for them.

Moreover, the bio-foam is a pet-friendly filler alternative. So, you do not need to worry about your pets’ safety when using this bean bag.

Outer Fabric

The manufacturer uses 100% cotton wave fabric to produce this bean bag. So, they ensure safety rather than providing a comfy and soft feel. The 100% cotton cover is a chemical-free material. 

Chemical-free Stitching

The Big bean bag manufacturer uses recycled plastic to so stitching purposes. These threads go through high-quality standards. So, manufacturers ensure the quality from large portions to tiny particles of their bean bags. 

Further, every product should go through the quality checking process before dispatch. This is how you receive an eco-friendly bean bag without chemical residuals.  

If you want to buy their products or visit and review them, click here. Indeed, you will find a super quality bean bag that perfectly fits your requirements. 

Ultimate Green Stores Collection

The ultimate green store collection offers various bean bags for adults and kids. Manufacturers mainly use handcrafted materials like cotton to prepare their products. Moreover, they always try to manufacture their bean bags by using minimal chemicals.


The ultimate green store collection uses a CertuPUR-US foam to fill their bean bags. Generally, these forms are categorized under low-VOC foams and are free from the following ingredients.

  • TDCPP flame retardants
  • PBDEs
  • TCEP
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • Heavy metals

So, these fillers are free from most hazards and chemicals. The best thing is ultimate green store collection does not contain any heavy metal. It is a super cool move!

Further, they introduce the Eco super fill bean bags. They include natural latex foam. So, both these categories are free from chemical hazards.

The best news is the ultimate green store collection, ready to customize your bean bag chair according to your preferences. I know, now you have the hurry to see their products. Just click here and shop for their fantastic bean bags.

White Lotus Bean Bags

The white lotus house offers superior bean bags for you. All of them are 100% safe and free from hazardous chemicals.

Without wasting much time, let’s move into its features!


These bean bags are filled with a particular bean type called Evergreen Foam. It is a blend of castor, soy, and other vegetable oils. So, these fillers are entirely free from formaldehyde, nickel, mercury, parabens, fire retardants, and other harmful chemicals. So, here they ensure the quality and safety of these fillers.


The bean bag fabric is made from 100% cotton. So, it is free from hazardous chemicals and safe to use. That’s why I recommend the white lotus house bean bags. Click here, and reserve your purchase.  

Pottery Barn bean bags

These bean bags are not entirely non-toxic or free from chemicals. But they make several plus points to produce their bean bags of good quality.

Pottery barn bean bags got Green Guard Gold certification for all their bean bag products. It means they independently verify their product and ensure they are free from a list of toxic substances contributing to indoor air pollution. Because of this feature, you can use this bean bag in your living room, balcony, bedroom, or other indoor places. Here, you do not need to inhale some toxic chemicals.

Further, these bean bags are made primarily out of polystyrene and polyester. So, these bean bags can be categorized under eco-friendly type. 

However, keep in mind that these bean bags include plastics. So, it can pose several problems to both humans and the environment. But Pottery barn bean bags are a great deal than most conventional bean bags.

Looping Home

Are you a fan of the chunky knit aesthetic? Then Looping Home bean bag chairs are best for you. These bean bags are made with conventional recycled cotton. Here, you can buy this cover and fill it with a suitable filler type.

Cloud makers

Some people love to enjoy a rustic feel. So, these bean bags are well suited for them. Now, you may wonder, why do I recommend this? Right?

The cloud makers’ bean bags are made with eco-friendly conventional cotton and linen. Also, this product does not include fillings. So, you can either buy them online or use any other safe bean bag filler.

Final Thoughts

Some bean bag materials are suspected to be carcinogens. So, when people buy bean bags, they doubt how to select safe ones without chemicals.

As we already know, most bean bags are filled with expanded polystyrene beads. However, styrene is a suspected carcinogenic chemical. Also, it is manufactured using benzene, which can cause some health issues.

Moreover, polystyrene cannot be bio-degradable and break down into small particles. This process does not end up here. These microplastics accumulate in flora and fauna life. 

Not only that, they can release HFC into the environment. So, these conventional fillers are unsuitable for both lives and the environment. Hence, always try to go for eco-friendly, chemical-free bean bags.

Ocean Tamer Bean Bag Review

We all love to have a comfortable nap, especially in our free time. Is there anything better than lying on your whole body super fluffy seat and enjoying a cup of coffee?

A Bean bag is a fantastic piece of furniture that satisfies various sitting purposes. Manufacturer introduces their bean bags under indoor, outdoor, pool, ocean, and many other categories. So, here customers can choose the best one that perfectly fits their requirements.

However, when you buy anything, you should have the relevant knowledge to protect yourself from scammers and wrong-quality products. Especially when you are spending hundreds of dollars for bean bags, it is essential to know some information about them, as features like;

  • Features of bean bag
  • Used materials
  • Free from toxic substance
  • Durability

As an independent researcher, I did many experiments with bean bags. Among them, some bean bags work impressive. Also, most of these products are popular among boaters, sporting Fishermans, and other anglers.

So, I thought to share my experience with one of the fantastic bean bags, called the “Ocean tamer bean bag.” Also, the article includes my hands-on experience and the pros and cons of this bean bag. I hope this review helps you to make a good decision.

ocean tamer bean bag

Table of Contents

Marine-Grade Bean Bag

The ocean tamer bean bag can be introduced as a high-quality marine-grade bean bag that is manufactured in the U.S.A. Because it is made of marine vinyl and the quality of its properties, it works great in a salty and open environment. 

The marine vinyl fabric repels water well and resists mold and UV rays. Therefore, users can use this fantastic bean bag for a long time without any issues. 


The ocean tamer bean bag is equipped with nylon handle straps. This facilitates moving the bean bag quickly to any place. Also, no matter where it is placed, its moldable property allows it to arrange its shape.

Comfort Factor

When boaters sail on the ocean, they have to face different kinds of challenges. Among them, sea-level fluctuation with the waves is the most common one. Sometimes, they experience 3-5 feet bouncing when sailing on the sea.

The ocean tamer bean bag research and development team studied the boats’ motions. This process led to the manufacturing of perfectly designed bean bags for anglers and boaters.

They increase the comfort factor by 10 for offshore bean bags. So, this bean bag has a unique plush. Thus users do not feel uncomfortable while sitting on the seat.

Versatile, Comfortable, and Stylish!

Comfort is a critical requirement for everyone. That’s why the ocean tamer bean bag manufacturers used top-quality material and designs to give their users a versatile and super fantastic experience.

The best thing about the end product is rich in quality due to its rich materials. So, boaters can use this stylish seat with pride.

Enjoy the Trip

Enjoyment is one of the great experiences of everything. That’s why we always love to do a job that generates some pleasure and self-satisfaction.

If you plan to go for a boat ride, take an ocean tamer bean bag with you. Believe me; it will decorate your journey with whole enjoyment.

You can sit wherever you decide to sit or nap on the boat with this luxury sea and enjoy the battling sea spray, wind, and sun.

Unbelievable Warranty Period

Do you believe all ocean tamer bean bags are backed by a Lifetime Materials & Manufacturing Warranty? Plus, a five-year Marine Vinyl Warranty?

Yes, it is true. Once you buy an ocean tamer bean bag, it’s forever.

Accidental Damage Warranty

The ocean is full of adventures and unpredictable. So, when you buy furniture for boats, it is essential to check its durability and way of acting in different situations.

The ocean tamer research and development team thought these things before you. That’s why this remarkable product comes with Lifetime Accidental Damage Warranty.

To learn more about warranty policies and coverage, visit their website by clicking here.

Many Color Options

Which color is your favorite? The ocean tamer bean bag is available in 20 standard and five premium color options. Here, you can select your favorite one!

Not only that, you can have one extra benefit here. Every ocean tamer bean bag is available in your choice of up to two colors and does not have an additional charge.

Fascinating? Right?


Why ocean tamer bean bag?

Material: 100% marine-grade vinyl

Tread: Heavy-duty marine-grade thread and all double stitched

Zipper: heavy-duty nylon zippers

Filler: Premium virgin polystyrene beads

Handle: double-stitched, two nylon strap handles

Using these premium-grade materials, manufacturers offer superior bean bags to boaters.

Customized Designs

Do you want to customize your boat bean bag? Then, the ocean tamer is the best option. The fisherman and boaters can create personalized bean bags with their embroidered logo, a boat name, slogan, or anything else. It will add style to your new seating option and help to enhance brand awareness.

Different Size Categories

Multiday boats, canoes, fishing boats, and other vessels are available in different sizes. Thus, they have separate spaces to place the furniture, like bean bags.

That’s why the ocean tamer bean bag comes in different sizes. Sailors can select the best size that fits their boat space.

Note that these bean bag models are available in the following sizes.

1. Armchair

 2. Round

3. Wedge

4. Teardrop.

Let’s check the ocean tamer bean bag size chart!

Small or Child Size 

Dimensions: 20″W x 24″L x 20″H

Foot space: 18″W x 18″L

Recommend: Passengers up to 70 pounds.


Dimensions: 33″W x 36″L x 24″H

Foot space: 26″W x 26″L

Recommend: Passengers up to 200 pounds and 5’10” height

Medium Long Neck

Dimensions: 33″W x 44″L x 30″H

Foot space: 26″W x 26″L

Recommend: Passengers up to 225 pounds and 6’2″ height


Dimensions: 38″W x 38″L x 30″H

Foot space: 33″W x 33″L

Recommend: Passengers up to 260 pounds and 6’2″ height


The best thing about the ocean tamer bean bag is its affordability. You can buy it for a reasonable price when compared with its features.

Stable Seat

The Ocean-Tamer bean bags have a flat, round bottom, providing a stable seating solution. So, users won’t tip over in a round sea and do not have a fear about it. People can also experience different sitting postures, including sitting upright, lying flat, and many more.

Great for Offshore Trips

Bean bags are designed to mold up with the user’s body shape. The Ocean-Tamer bean bags perfectly do this work and absorb the current ocean vibrations. Because of that, users can experience more comfortable relaxation over the imbalanced vibrations.

Unbelievable Usage & Environmental Resistant

Some ocean tours take more than 2000 hours, and hundreds of people use bean bags for sitting during the journey. Also, it exposes to extreme environmental conditions such as;

  • Salty weather
  • Heavy rains
  • Storms
  • Snowing
  • Direct sunlight
  • Heat
  • Wind

Also, the bean bag can be dirt with fish blood and other waste. However, the Ocean-Tamer bean bags are made to withstand these rough conditions.

Also, you can clean them and take them into brand-new condition.

The Ocean-Tamer bean bag is one of the best bean bags used in ocean environments. Due to its premium quality and pack of features, boaters and fishermen love to keep Ocean-Tamer bean bags in their vessels.

It helps to add enjoyment to boaters’ life while providing a super versatile and comfortable experience. Also, boaters and anglers can easily buy this bean bag due to its affordable price. Be a proud owner of the Ocean-Tamer bean bag and share your experience with us!

Bean Bag Chair Pros & Cons

Since 1970, bean bags have acquired a considerable market share in the furniture industry. So, today it has become a favorite piece of furniture for everyone. Due to its cozy texture and excellent appearance, toddlers, kids, adults, and pets love sitting there. On the other hand, these bean bags are designed for different purposes such as indoor, outdoor, pool, and many more usages.

However, everything has pros and cons. Sometimes, the advantages and disadvantages of bean bags will differ from your purpose. So, it is essential to know the pros and cons of the bean bag.

As a bean bag researcher, I have studied this subject deeply in the previous decade. So, this is the best time to share my experience and knowledge with you. Keep reading. Indeed you may find some exciting facts here.

Let’s move to the topic!

bean bag pros cons

Table of Contents

Pros of Bean Bags


One of the most significant advantages of bean bags is that they are available in a diverse price range. So, people can decide the best suit bean bag according to their budget.

On the other hand, the bean bag is luxury furniture. But the price is not too high, like a couch. Due to the affordable prices, it isn’t far from the general public.

Comfortable, Flexible

The soft and squishy interiors of the bean bag mold themselves according to the user’s body shape. This is a unique feature of the bean bag. And this is the secret of its comfortability.

Users can enjoy different body posturers here, including sitting upright, lying on your stomach, and lying on your side. Also, you can use the sitting cross-leg position.

Moreover, pregnant women can take great relief using a bean bag. They can easily accommodate their bump and enable them to lie on their stomachs. They cannot take this relief by lying on a regular bed or couch.

 So, when someone sits on the bean bag, they can enjoy an incredible sitting experience.

Lightweight and movable

Typically bean bags come in giant sizes. But the weight of them is not that big. How does this happen?

Every bean bag is filled with super soft materials such as memory foam, EPS beads, cotton, or beans. Generally, these fillers have lightweight. Due to these features, they can move quickly from one place to another. Even kids can move them.

So, it is easy to maintain and use as home furniture. Also, it will not damage your floor while slipping from one place to another.

Easy to clean & sanitize

Most bean bags come with a removable cover. Also, they work better with washing machines and mild detergent. So, when your bean bag cover gets dirt. You can easily unzip and remove them from the inner cover.

Because of that, the bean bag usage is much easier than some other furniture like upholstery. You can only do a spot cleaning for upholstery.

Even if the bean bag cover cannot remove, you can clean it using spot cleaning. On the other hand, most bean bags are made with water-resistant fabric and are very easy to clean. Due to these features, you can clean bean bags and refresh them from time to time.

Fun, stylish

The primary purpose of any seat is to provide space to sit. However, the bean bag overcomes this purpose and gives users an incredible experience.

Every bean bag is made by using luxurious textile with stylish designs. So, they add a glamorous look to home interiors. Also, kids love to jump on it and enjoy their leisure time due to its fluffy texture. Whatever, If you are an adult, don’t miss this experience; jump on it and keep your life full of enjoyment.

Medical benefits

The root cause of most health issues is wrong postures. So, it includes terrible sitting postures too. Think, when you sit in a wooden chair, your body must adjust to its shape. The leg space, leg height, the back support vary from chair to chair. Thus, sitting in different chairs gives a different experience to you.

However, if they ignore ergonomics while preparing the chair, the user will indeed feel uncomfortable and pain within a short time.

Bean bag overcome this issue. The supersoft beans adjust with the user’s body curves and give good back support to them. So, people can sit there more comfortably for a long time. Moreover, you are free from back pain when using a bean bag with the correct postures.

Also, if you consider baby bean bags, they are suitable for head flattening and acid reflex. Moreover, this flexible seat helps to relieve joint pains. Due to these medicinal benefits, most people love to sit there.


Most manufacturers offer customized products for their clients. So, here you can select your favorite color, textile, size, and shape. Then they will deliver the product that perfectly matches your perception.

Indoor and outdoor use

Bean bags are not limited to indoor spaces. You can use them outdoors and even on pools, beaches, and camping sites. How amazing, No?

Yes, the bean bag is a pack of beautiful features.

Cons of Bean Bags

Like every product, bean bags also have some cons and facts. However, some of them are not at a considerable level. Also, you can minimize these adverse effects with proper usage. So let’s move into it!

Difficult to get up from it

Bean bags are so soft and close to the ground. Also, the sinking property is high in some bean bags. Sometimes, pregnant women and elderly persons struggle when getting up from it. So, if you have a mobility problem, selecting a less sinking bean bag is better.

Bad for your postures

Some cheap products are made with low-quality materials. So, if you use that product, you cannot use the correct body postures. Thus, always use standard products that align with the ergonomics factor.

On the other hand, if your weight and size do not match the bean bag’s maximum capacity, it can’t maintain correct postures.


Most bean bags ha a 3-10 years lifetime. So, bean bags have a short lifespan compared to steel and wooden furniture.

Difficult to dispose

As you already know, most bean bags are filled with low-density EPS beads. So, these are not subjected to disposal naturally. It means these products are not biodegradable.

Therefore, after the lifetime of your bean bag is finished, you must dispose of these millions of tiny balls properly. If not, the environment and wildlife may suffer because of its bad influences.

Also, keep in mind that they can quickly inhale. So, when you are disposing of them, keep your kids away and cover your mouth and nose using a mask.

Potentially dangerous for infants

Because bean bags provide a super cozy space for your infant, they love to sleep there. However, it exposes your kid to suffocation risk. Hence, it is better to keep them on a firm surface.

Can tear and spill out

A Bean bag is a sac that is filled with millions of tiny balls. So, if any circumstance happens, they can tear up and spills these beans. So, mainly if you use bean bags for your kid, you should keep away sharp items such as scissors, nuts, and knives. If not, just a second is enough to mess up all things.

Too comfortable

Really? How too comfortable is becoming a disadvantage?

The Bean bag is the main seat of the smart classroom concept. However, some teachers said some kids fell asleep while teaching because it was too comfy. So, bean too comfortable also becomes an advantage for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Here I explain the most common pros and cons of the bean bag. However, according to your purpose, they may affect you differently. So, you have to use the correct bean bag for the relevant purpose. Then you do not worry about these cons too much!

Clean A Microwave Bean Bag

A heating bean bag or microwave bean bag is the best and most comfortable alternative for heating pads. Without any doubt, a microwave bean bag can provide the same service as heating pads for you.

On the other hand, it is possible to make a heating bean bag at a low cost if you cannot spend money on heating pads at a low price.

That’s because microwave bean bags are trendy among people as a supportive partner for their pains. Over time, when you use your microwave bean bag, it will dirty. The cleaning time will vary on your care level.

So, what happens when your microwave bean bag is dirty? Here do you have to throw it away? Or can you clean and re-use it?

clean microwave bean bag

Table of Contents

Microwave Bean Bag & Cleaning

The most amazing thing regarding bean bags is that you can clean them, refill them and replace the covers. This does not change with the microwave bean bag. Yes, you can clean your microwave bean bag. But like other bean bag types, microwave bean bags have their own way of cleaning up.

As you know before, to decide on the correct cleaning method, you should be highly aware of the nature of the fabric and the filling type of the microwave bean bag. It means considering whether your cleaning technique success for the filling and fabric of a particular bean bag or not.

Similarly, it is a must to follow the instructions of the bean bag manufacturer before cleaning the microwave bean bag.

Is the Microwave Bean Bag Washable?

Strictly, you cannot wash your microwave bean bag due to any case as there is a high possibility that your microwave bean bag is filled with natural fillers.

Do you know natural fillers? Instead of synthetic fillers, including EPF balls and memory foams, natural fillers like rice, corn, wheat, and peas, use to fill bean bags.

So you may have a question about why natural fillers are used to fill microwave bean bags and why we cannot fill synthetic fillers, right?

Actually, as the name of this bean bag, you may know we have to heat it before use. That is why the fabric and filler used for a microwave bean bag include the properties to tolerate the temperature. Because of that, many microwave bean bags are filled with natural fillers.

Thus, you cannot wash the whole microwave bean bag. However, you can wash the outer cover of your microwave bean bag if it is washable.

So, what can we do when fillers of microwave bean bags get ruined? Do not worry; you can refill your microwave bean bag.

What Happens If You Wash Your Microwave Bean Bag?

If you wash your microwave bean bag, the natural fillers may absorb the water and get swollen. It will completely ruin the properties of the bean bag.

Moldy and mildew may probably grow there, and these fungi can affect your health badly. That’s why you should keep away your microwave bean bag from moisture.

How To Wash the Outer Cover Of Your Microwave Bean Bag?

Most bean bags, including microwave bean bags, come with a removable outer cover. The probability of dirtying the outer covering is higher than the probability of dirt these fillers. Because the outer shell directly connects with your skin and other surfaces. So, it will be rich in bacteria, dust, oil, and many other foreign substances.

However, before washing the outer cover of the microwave bean bag, you must read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then follow these simple steps. It will guide you to successfully get a clean microwave bean bag’s outer cover.

Step 1: Remove the outer cover.

Keep in mind to remove the outer cover of the microwave bean bag before you wash it.

Step 2: Wash the outer cover.

Here you can use two ways to wash the bean bag cover. One way is using a washing machine, and another is hand washing.

But it would be best if you considered whether your bean bag cover is machine washable or not. Here you can use appropriate washing powder or soap to clean.

Step 3: Dry it

Do not confuse. You can dry the microwave bean bag cover the same way you follow to dry clothes.

Mostly it is better to allow it to air dry. Plus, it is wise not to place it exposed to direct and high sunlight because it will cause to fade or discolor the bean bag.

Step 4: Put the inner cover with fillers into the cleaned surface, then zip in.

After drying well, you can replace the new cover and use your microwave bean bag again.

Special note

  • Do not put the inner liner into the wet cover for any reason. It will surely ruin your natural fillers.
  • Plus, it would be best if you never did anything that could wet your inner liner.
  • Also, do not use any solvent or cleaning agents.

How To Clean Microwave Bean Bag Fillings?

There are no options when ruining the fillers of your microwave bean bag. You have to refill it. Refilling is the best option to expand the lifespan of your microwave bean bag.

Even though the fillers are not ruined, refilling your microwave bean bag over time is better. Because within time, some supportive properties and freshness of the fillers may diminish. But here, it does not mean that you should refill fillers often.

So, let’s check how we refill the fillers of the microwave bean bag.

Step 1: Remove the outer cover of the microwave bean bag

You can easily clean the bean bag’s cover using the above steps mentioned earlier. If you think washing the cover is unnecessary, it is better to let it dry with the air.

Step 2: Open the inner liner and get out the fillers from it

Carefully open the inner cover and remove the stuffing. Then correctly dispose of them.

Step 3: Clean the inner liner

If the fillers spoiled the cover, it is better to clean the inner cover. However, you can wash it properly by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 4: Dry it well

Let the inner cover dry well. If not, it causes spoil your new fillers.

Step 5: Refill the inner liner with new fillings

Refill the new fillers into the inner cover carefully.

Step 6: It is time to put the outer cover

Replace the microwave bean bag cover and make sure it is dry well.

Step 7: Get relief from the pains

After cleaning the microwave bean bag, you can get a fresh experience from it. Surely it will be awesome!

How To Get Quick Refreshment For Microwave Bean Bag?

If you need to give quick refreshment for your bean bag, you can achieve it through straightforward steps.

Step 1: Remove the microwave bean bag cover

Step 2: Open the inner liner of the microwave bean bag

Step 3: Place the microwave bean bag fillers to dry under direct sunlight

Here, firstly you should find a mat or clean floor. If you find a clean place, it should expose to direct sunlight.

If not, lay a cleaned and dry mat or cloth in a place with direct sunlight. Then place your fillers on it. After that, let them dry well.

Step 4: Shake the inner cover well and let it dry under sunlight

Step 5: After drying well, refill the fillers into the inner cover

Step 6: Replace the outer cover, and now you have a fresh microwave bean bag

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the microwave bean bag is simple and easy. But you cannot do it as your wish. If you do it according to your own way, definitely you have to say goodbye to your bean bag. But now, you have the proper knowledge to do this task successfully. So, use them at the right time to enhance the lifespan of your microwave bean bag!