Bean Bag Filler : 3 Best Fillers in the Market

What is a bean bag filler?

A bean bag chair is one that you can relax and enjoy. You can use this bag chair when your study mode or sleep mode is on. This furniture which is loved by many is very comfy. Bean bag filler is needed when your bean bag chair went flat.

You will find this as the best furniture and your new best friend.

bean bag chair filler




Durable bean bag chairs are made out of leather, and there are many others made out of different materials. You can find a bean bag filler of your choice from the this part of this article. After you get the flat chair, you will have to bloat it by filling your seat.

For this, you will have to get the help of a friend. One will have to hold the chair wide open as the other will pour the filling into the bean bag chair. This process is to do in a room with no breeze. After the mixture has been poured, close the zip.

Your bean bag chair is ready now. You can relax by sitting on the bean bag chair. As you sit down the filling settles, and the trapped air is pushed out of the chair leaving with you a feeling as if you sat on the sand. To make the chair stiffer, you can use more filling.


From where can I get a cheap bean bag filler?

Generally Bean bag fillers are very inexpensive. You can get bean bag chair fillers for affordable prices. These beads which are tiny round bean bag pellets and are about 1/8 inch in size. The cheap material is “Pure Beads” which are a higher-quality version of the Virgin beads.

These beads are larger and more durable, and 1/4 inch in size. The White Foam Balls bean bag baby Filler is very cheap. You can find other types also for reasonable prices.


The 3 Best Bean Bag Fillers in the Market


Shredded Memory Foam Fill Replacement for Bean Bags


shredded bean bag filler

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Virgin Bean Popped Polystyrene Bean Bag Refill – Comfort Research

virgin bean bag chair filler

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Bean Bag Refill Bag of Beans

bean bag refill

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What can we find as bean bag filling options?

Recycled items are usable as bean bag fillers. Dried beans are the most common filler that people use. Beans are cheap, and anyone can find beans. You would not have to fall into trouble searching for beans, as it is easy to find. However, the disadvantage of using beans is that it attracts food moths and other insects.

If so, are there any other bean bag filling options? Yes, there are some others. For example, rice is another easy to find filler. Rice may be a bit cheaper than beans, but it can cause moisture problems. Rice also attracts pests.

There is another bean bag chair filler that can be used. You can use polyester stuffing. If you use this stuffing, you will have to re-fluff your bean bag. This filler is one of the most expensive. Wood shavings and pine shavings are very familiar and easy to find. You can even use them as fillings.

Cedar shavings are also possible as a bean bag chair filler. This mixture will repel fleas.  Recycled peanuts are an environmentally friendly filler. Peanuts are pest resistant, and you can it find it free. Crushed nut shells can also be used as it is inexpensive and is available in abundance.



Other than these fillers, there are some others. You can even use feathers. Feathers are soft and fluffy. If you are using feathers, you will have to sew a casing in the first case before your bean bag stuffed with them.

Styrofoam and plastic pellets are available from manufacturers. You will have to use these caution as kids could swallow them. Polystyrene beads are also usable as fillers. It is a hard plastic product and is similar to the product Styrofoam. These beads are inexpensive, comfy, and long-lasting.

King Beany™ brings a mixture of mix bead filler and shredded foam together. This mixture is also usable as a bean bag chair filler. To have a comfy bean bag chair filler you will have to choose among one of the above mentioned best bean bag filler.


Why do bean bags go flat?

Bean bags go flat after you use it for some time. What happens is air goes out. Losing air is normal. However, if you use shredded foam, the case is different. Shredded foam also goes flat also and compresses but once you shake and loosen the foam you can bring your chair to its natural form.

Bean bag chairs do go flat, but you can reuse them by refilling.


Bean bag chair filler – Interesting

Why is it interesting to use a bean bag chair? A bean bag chair will be interesting as it is a chair that will bring relaxation to you. You can sit in this chair and watch TV, read your favorite books, look at a movie, read a newspaper or listen to music.

This chair is exactly a comfy spot. You can choose from designs of bean bags such as bean bag covers, smart adult covers, kids cover and even outdoor bean bag covers. This chair adds beauty to your home.

The Sumo lounge also has a diverse collection. For example, the Omni large bean bag chair from Sumo Lounge is famous customers. Sumo lounge offers a range of colors and styles. These chairs come in different varieties ranging from huge bed-like bags to the smallest shapes.

Choose a bean bag chair filler to fill your bean bag chair and use it as furniture to make your home attractive.



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