Bean Bag Filling Alternative and Stuffing


cozy sack bean bagGenerally, bean bags are filled with the polystyrene beans. Almost all the chairs available in the market will have the same filling. Some manufacturer uses the cotton ball to fill the bags.

The cotton balls are soft and make the bean bags more comfortable for sitting.

Bean Bag Filling Alternatives

If your bean bags made with a filling of the polystyrene then you can purchase the filling separately when the older one is flattened or damage. The manufacturing company will provide you the Polystyrene beans filling. It is better you fill the chair for what it is made for.

Certain types of bean bags work better when they have right kind of filling. If you try to put other types of filling which are not meant for them, then the bags will not get into the right shape. Resting on such chairs will be uncomfortable.

You can also put the cotton balls in the bean bags to fill it. The cotton balls are soft in nature so you might require a good amount of cotton to fill the bags.

You also might fill the bags twice as the cotton easily gets flatten after using sometime so keep additional cotton in the spare to fill the bean bag again after few weeks of using it. Keep filling until it gets its best shape for sitting. This is best alternative filling for bean bag chairs.

This is also common in the bean bags. Most of the cheap quality chairs are filled with the shredded foam particles. You can buy them from the foam make. Foam filling work similar to the cotton feeling. You might have to put a good amount of foam in the bean bags to keep it in the right shape.

The shredded foam is generally produced from the waste of the original foam in the manufacturing company. These wasted foams are used in the filling of the chairs. That’s the reason why the foams are generally cheaper than other types of bean bags filling. If you are searching for the low-cost option, then you can go for the foam filling. ‘

You can also contact the nearby foam make who generally throw away the unwanted foam in the garbage. You can request him to keep that foam for you.

Looking for the free stuffing then this is the cheapest way to fill bean bag chair. Find the clothes that you do not wear and wanted to get rid of them. You can put the clothes in the bean bags and use it as filling. This is one of the affordable bean bag filling options that you can try at home.

No need to purchase expensive beans for filling. The clothes work good as the filling and gives the near-same comfort while sitting on it. You can put all types of small and big size clothes in it and make it fluffy enough to give it a right shape.

While putting the clothes remove the buttons or any other kind of material that is attached to your clothes to avoid any tearing or damaging the bean bag cover.

This is the final option in the list that also works best in the filling the bean bags. You can use unwanted shredded paper to fill the chair.

You will require plenty of them to fill the bags so first arrange the sufficient amount of the paper to fill the bag.

In Conclusion:

You can fill the chairs with any material which is soft and flexible enough to make you comfortable while sitting. Try different stuffing and see what works best for you. Use this Alternative filling for bean bag chairs if you want to save some money.

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