Why do Bean Bags go Flat?


If you ever owned a bean bag chair, you must have faced your bean bag goes flat after using it for some time. Bean bags are not like the rigid wooden chairs. Manufacturers built bean bags mainly for the comfortability. But when you regularly use your bean bag chair, it will go flat ultimately. A good quality bean bag will last for around 3 years without going flat.

Bean bags go flat because of the beans used as the filler. Bean bags mostly filled with EPS beads, which contain air in 98% of its volume. When you use the bean bag for some time, EPS beads will lose the air, and the size of the beads will decrease. Eventually, you will see your bean bag chair deflated, and it goes flat.

Above is the main reason for bean bags to go flat. Now let’s discuss the factors which will boost this deflation process and how to prevent it.

Fluffing your bean bag regularly will prevent the bean bag from going flat.

why do bean bags go flat

Factors that will Boost the Deflation

Filler Material

Most bean bags use expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads as the filler. EPS is a close relative of Styrofoam. Quality bean bags are filled with virgin beads that are manufactured exclusively for use in bean bags.

These beads have numerous pockets of air inside them, and as they are used, the beads become compressed, reducing their size. This compression, in turn, gives the beanbag a flat appearance. 

But if you use a different but rigid material as the filler, you will keep your bean bag without going flat for a much longer time. But it will drastically decrease the comfortability of the bean bag chair. You can use rice to fill your bean bag to prevent deflation. But it will not make you comfortable like a EPS filled bean bag chair.


Bean bags go flat after you use it for some time frequently. Then the air will go out from the filling beads gradually. Many people new to bean bags are shocked to discover that their chairs have gone flat have extended periods of regular use. What was once a fluffy, route and comfortable chair has become a flat disc about way less than the half of its original size.

However, this is a universal phenomenon experienced by all bean bags filled with traditional polystyrene beads. However, if you use shredded foam, it is possible for your bean bag to go flat because Shredded foam also goes flat and compressed.

If your kids use your bean bag frequently if will mostly tend to lose it’s air quickly. Kids usually tend to jump onto the bean bag as they feel its a toy that can play, so they jump on the bean bag. Kids playing with the bean bag chair is a common scenario for most of the houses that has kids. But it will significantly reduce the lifetime of your bean bags, and the deflation will happen too soon. 

So hard and frequent usage of your bean bag will speed up the process of removing air from its beans. And will deflate it too quickly.

Bean Bag Cover

However, sometimes bean bag factories will install standard length zippers, making it impossible to get a filled inner liner into the main cover. If the product does not have a long zipper and you are filling an inner liner before placing it inside the bean bag cover, your bean bag can go flat reasonably easy.

bean bag refill

The shape of the Bean Bag

If you have a beanbag chair that is anything but round, positioning the inner liner, so it aligns with the shape of the outer cover can be challenging to say the least. It will not move  around because it is tied in place.

The beans are then not able to move around the beanbag as they should, and you are left with an uncomfortable chair with the beans in all the wrong places, and then the bean bag will begin to go flat.


If you purchased a beanbag that is machine-washable or dry cleanable and you didn’t correctly obtain a beanbag that uses an inner liner, it is possible for bean bag to go flat too soon.

If you are buying a heavy-duty outdoor beanbag and the fabric is not machine-washable then your bean bag can go flat quickly.

Movement of Bean Bag

Also, Bean bag chairs are the only furniture other than plastic patio chairs that are easily movable. This portability makes them ideal for apartments, the poolside, and any other outdoor area. Re-purposed polystyrene is an inferior filling for several other reasons.

It is often very noisy when sitting or adjusting your position because the irregular pieces rub against each other and shift awkwardly in the cover. Also, this beads may damage your bean bag. The pieces easily break into tiny fragments that get stuck in the zipper.

Size of the Bean Bag

Bean bag comes in different size that requires a specific amount of beans. Most retailers are using polystyrene beads in liters so it is different from water measurement.

If the size of the person frequently sitting on the bean bag chair is much bigger, tendency for the bean bag to go flat is very high.

Recycled Beads

Recycled beads, sometimes referred to as eco-beads or eco-beans, are often purchased to promote environmentalism or save money. Essentially, this material is recycles polystyrene that has been cut or ground into small, irregular particles.

While some of these pieces are vaguely round and pill-sized, most of them are abnormally-shaped chunks of Styrofoam that are incredibly soft but hardly resilient. Another reason is using recycled beads, this were never means to be bean bag filler.

These are the significant reasons bean bags go flat too soon. If your bean bag goes flat, you will need to refill it to use it again. Let’s see some facts you can use to improve your lifetime of the bean bag and how to stop the bean bag from going flat.

How to Stop Bean Bags from Going Flat

The best thing you can do to prevent the bean bag from going flat is fluffing it regularly. You can start the fluffing even it is in the brand new condition. Regular fluffing can increase the lifetime of the beans inside of your bean bag. You can follow the fluffing process as below.

First, open your bean bag zipper and place the bean bag opening facing upwards. Make sure that you won’t lose any of the fillings inside the bean bag. Better if you can do this in a closed environment as the wind can obstruct your process.

Now shake your bean bag for three to five minutes thoroughly. This process will refill the air pockets of the EPS beads, and they will take their original shape gradually. Deflation happens when the air in the beads goes away. By fluffing the bean bag, you let them absorb the air again to the EPS beads. Fluffing is the only way you can gain the original shape of the bean bag without refilling it.

Finally, close your bean bag and see whether it has regained its original shape. If not, repeat these steps once. If you notice that the bean bag hasn’t gained its original state back even after two attempts, you need to refill your bean bag completely.

Even if your bean bag hasn’t gone flat yet, make a habit of fluffing your bean bag by repeating the above steps regularly. If you fluff it at least once a month, you can keep your bean bag looks new.


Even if you buy an expensive branded bean bag with a lifetime warranty, you will not receive a warranty for the inner fillings of your bean bag. It is because even manufacturers expect that the bean bags will deflate eventually after using it for few years regularly. That is the reason why they sell the fillings separately

So the deflation of the bean bag is expected. But proper maintenance by fluffing it frequently and using it properly will improve the lifetime of the fillings of your bean bag. Like every other furniture, proper maintenance is a must to keep your bean bag looks to its original appearance.

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