Why Are Bean Bags So Expensive? – A detailed Overview


Bean bags are one of the most expensive furniture which we can see in a store. Most of the time, they are costly than a wooden chair.

The type of fabric and the filling used in the bean bag are the crucial factors that make bean bags so expensive. When the bean bag gets larger, the amount of fabric and the filler used also increased. So it will add more cost to the product.

In this article, we will further explain the reason which will make the bean bags expensive.

Why are bean bags so expensive

What is a bean bag?

A bean bag is a chair that is used as furniture. If you have sat in such a bean bag, you will find that it is very comfy. These bean bags are filled with Styrofoam and other stuff that makes the bean bag a comfy place to sit. Most common question comes to the mind of people when they see this piece of furniture is why are bean bags so expensive? We will see a detailed explanation here.

The bean bag is sealed with a filling, and then its outer covering is also a hard fabric. Before you get to know the reasons that make bean bags expensive, you must know how a bean bag is made.

Bean bags are available in different sizes. Bean bags are there for adults as well as kids. They come in various fabric materials and different colors. Beanbags can be seen in houses and offices. You might have seen bean bags kept in corridors.

It gives a polished look to the place that you live. You can also have one bean bag at the poolside.

What are the purposes of a bean bag?

You can use the bean bag for a different purpose. As the first purpose, you can use it as a kind of furniture. Next, the bean bag is used for entertainment reasons. The bean bag that came into the market recently have more rich and modern look.

People play the game footbag with the bean bag, and then there is another game which is the bean bag toss. The bean bags are used by kids to juggle too. The other purposes are that you can use the bean bag instead of a tripod. The bean bag will help you place your camera or video camera to capture memories.

The bean bag is the ideal location to sit in and relax. You can read a book while sitting on a bean bag or listen to your favorite place. You will love the bean bag chair.

What is used inside the bag as different fillings?

shredded bean bag filler

There are different fillings inside the bean bag. You can use dried beans or other dried seeds. You can even use pellets or Styrofoam. Some use cotton to get the most comfortable chair. Some even use beads as a filling.

In the market, the bean bags are the trend. Beanbag fillings make the bean bag an enjoyable place to sit. You can change the filling as you want and try other fillings.

You will have to change the fillings to have the bean bag chair with you for many years.


Importance of learning reasons that make bean bags expensive

After learning about the bean bag, now it is time to study for the reasons that make bean bags expensive. Let us see what the reasons that make bean bags expensive are. The bean bags differ from prices according to their quality, the fabric material that is used and the filling that is used inside the bean bag.

The next section has the areas and the reasons that make bean bags expensive. Have a look at the reasons so that you will not be surprised at the prices when you go shopping for a bean bag. You will see that it is reasonable for bean bags to be high in prices.

As you know all the reasons that make bean bags expensive, you will not make trouble to the shopkeeper. So, here we go!

If you go to the market and look around, you will come across bean bags sold by various manufacturers. You will view a huge variety in the market.  You will see that there are bean bags that are cheap as well as expensive.

Therefore, you have to know the reasons why bean bags are costly. Get ready beforehand to go to the market knowing the reasons that make bean bags expensive. This reason is why you must know all the reasons.

jaxx cocoon bean bag

What are the reasons that make bean bags expensive?

The first factor that you have to think about is the type of fabric. The price depends on the fabric material.  The fabric material is the most expensive. Some of the materials that are used are cotton, which is very comfortable. Another fabric material is leather.

The leather is very expensive, and the fabric material silk on bean bags is also costly. Nylon is another expensive fabric material used for bean bags. These nylon bean bags are available for indoor and outdoor furniture.

The more the bean bag is large, the price increases. The reason is that when there is more of fabric amounts, the price increases. Round bean bags use larger amounts of fabric; so the price is high. If you get a square-shaped or rectangular shaped one, you will see that the price is less because they require fewer amounts of fabric.

What else is important to know?

The bean bag filling also decides the price of a bean bag. The cost of a bean bag which pre-filled with beads is expensive.  If the filling is polystyrene beads, the price is less high. The bean bag zipper is another reason that makes the bean bags expensive.

The zipper is there as a safety measure because there had been instances where kids had fallen into the bag. The quality bean bags use large, metal zippers. These zippers are expensive. To increase durability, there is a high outer cover around the bag. Durable outer covers are also expensive.

PVC coated bean bags protect the bags from moisture and is suitable for resistance from heat rays.

Bean bags that are designer products are also expensive. Normally, the selling of designer products is limited, and it makes the price increase. The price is high to support the manufacturer. The overall quality of the bean bag is another cost factor.

Handmade bean bags also has a high cost. They are expensive because of the effort of that maker of the bean bag. It is best to buy a bean bag that is expensive as you can have it for five years or longer. The cheap bean bags are less durable than expensive ones.

These are the reasons that make bean bags expensive, but it will not be a waste to spend money on bean bags. Read our Special article on Beanbag buying guide to select the best bean bag for you.

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