Safe Bean Bag Chairs for Infants

Bean bag chairs can be seen in modern homes. Many people love to move from the traditional lifestyle, Earlier in the traditional lifestyles, people used the normal chair, but now the trend is to move towards bean bag chairs.

When choosing bean bag chairs, you should be sure about safety. The bean bag chairs should be safe enough for your baby to sit in the chair. Many accidents have been captured where kids have fallen from bean bag chairs and died out of suffocation.

Look at some of the safe bean bag chairs that provide safety for kids.


The Boppy Newborn Lounger safe bean bag chairs

This Elephant Love Gray bean bag chair is very soft and comfortable. It is ideal if you are having a newborn at your place.

This bean bag chair is portable, and you could easily travel by placing your newborn baby in the chair. Babies, up to 16 Pounds can be placed in this chair.

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The LCY Baby safe Bean Bag Chairs

This chair comes with pink Rainbow Dots. You could buy this bean bag chair easily. However it is unfilled, So, you will have to choose a filling for this chair. If you are going to fill this bean bag chair, you will require around 100L of styrofoam beans filling.

As you buy this bean bag chair, you will receive 1 Beanbag and two covers. You would also receive one baby cover with a harness. The harness will help you keep the baby in place.

You will also find it very easy to clean this bean bag cover.  The top covers could be easily washed in the washing machine or by hand. However, you will have to have these chairs air dried. The size of the chair is 27.6 X 21.6 X 11.8inch.

This chair comes with different materials such as microsuede, oxford cloth, short floss, chenille, and canvas. The above are some of the safe bean bag chairs that you could try if you have a newborn baby at home.

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Why should you consider Safe bean bag chairs?

Bean bag chairs are not the traditional type of furniture that you find in the market. Baby bean bags are ideal for your newborn baby, but you will have to pay special attention to the safety of baby bean bags.

Earlier there were several cases reported as bean bag chairs had caused deaths of infants but today the risk of injuries due to bean bag chairs have been lessened down.

The risks of the bean bag chairs are that the lining of the bean bag chair is hazardous for kids and then the filling is also harmful. Many bean bags have fillings of small beads. Just think that you have beads and your child inhales or swallow some of those beads.

Children do not understand the risk of swallowing these beads so you should be alert to their safety. Some kids may try to climb into the bean bag, and they would be trapped inside. This reason is why that the safety of bean bags was paid with more attention on the introduction of future bean bags.

When you are choosing bean bags for your kids, it is best that you buy one that has a locker zip. When there is a locker in the zip, kids will find it hard to open the bean bag, and thus they will be prevented from falling into the bean bag. Therefore, you could avoid injuries and deaths.

These are the tips that you have to consider regarding safe bean bag chairs!

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