Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair Review

The Lumaland Luxury bean bag is big sofa size bean bag which extends to the 7-foot long area. It is wide enough to provide a sitting area for the three people. The big size bean bag is good for living rooms, bedrooms or children’s rooms.


The material used in making the bean bag is very high quality. It is fun to sit on the bean bag and relaxed after stressful work. You can spend some time with your family and friends. Comfortably sitting gives you complete back support. You can spend the whole day sitting on the bean bag without complaining about the body pain. The bean bags automatically adjust the shape according to your sitting posture.

Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair


Pros and Cons of the Lumaland Beanbags



The wide shape of the bean bags easily replaces your sofa set. It is the best alternative to your sofas in the living room. The bean bag is lightweight so you can easily move it from the place and rearrange it wherever you want.


The bean bag chair comes with an ultra soft cushion. You can machine wash the microsuede outer cover. The softness of the bean bag gives the feel of a soft feather. Your kids will love to spend time sitting and sleeping on the bean bag chair.


The big size allows the kids and adult to rest their complete body on the sofa. It feels completely relaxed after sitting on the sofa.


The bean bag provides futuristic furniture style in your home. Your guest will like your test of furniture. The bean bags are known for the users who are active and young. It feels cool when you sit on the bean bags.


The Lumaland Luxury bean bags come in different colors. You will get a wide variety of color options to choose from the store.


The bean bag will have a zipper to open the internal elements. You can eliminate the cover and rinse it in the washing machine.


The bean bag is shipped in the small size box. It takes some days to expand it to the full size. If you need your bean bags to get ready to use, then you can fluff it up and crush any clusters to accelerate the process.




People have reported that memory foam used in the bean bag making is not pliable as we find in the traditional bean bags. It looks solid when you sit on it. You will find a hard time to shape the area and get the comfortable sitting. The user had Review this Bean Bag and shared the opinion on the Amazon product listing.


It feels like the foam used in the bean bags are not high quality. Also, the size of the bean bags and its internal stuff makes it so easy. You can not move it easily once it is fully fluff. It is also observed that the filling combine together and make a solid shape which is very uncomfortable in use.


Some users have observed that the bean bag is not filled with 100% foam. Users have reported that with the foam will also find other junk material. Those junk material are small pieces of plastic and other stuff that you find in the waste product. People are not happy with the overall quality of the product. The essential part of the bean bags which is comfort and softness is missing in this product.



The Lumaland Luxury bean bang has received both kind reviews from the users. Most of them are a positive, but some people are not fully satisfy on the product quality. The overall rating of the product is good in the market. You can take your own decision after reading the Review this Bean Bag and see if that fits your need.


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