How to Clean & Wash a Bean Bag?

Proper cleaning is a must to a durable bean bag chair with a classy look. And also, not all the bean bag chairs are made of the same material and prepared for the same purpose. Thus, we should follow the right steps, suits the material of your bean bag chair.

The washing and cleaning approach for a bean bag varies according to the material of the cover. There are various types of materials used for the outer surface, cover, of the bean bag chairs: cloth covers, vinyl covers, Suede covers, Plush covers, Velour, or velvet covers, Leather covers, etc.

How to clean and wash bean bag chairs


Let’s take one by one and have a look. 

Different Approaches for Different Materials

Easiest to clean: Bean bag chairs with cotton or cloth covers.

You will need a few things to clean your cloth bean bag chair. Collect a large container that suits to keep the beans inside, an appropriate laundry detergent (bleaching-free), some soft cloths, and a capable stain remover. 

Once you are ready with all the necessaries, you can unzip the cover of the bean bag carefully. Then, collect all the beans to the large container you got and keep it safe. 

Now you can start cleaning the cover by dusting it. Dust the cover well to remove visible dirt or hair on it. If dusting is not sufficient, you can use your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt. 

Once you complete soft cleaning, it is better to check the entire surface of the bag. If there are any small damages, make sure you repair it before you start washing. Otherwise, you will end up with big holes!

Then you can apply some stain remover that works for your bean bag cover to eliminate all the stains on the surface.

After you finish cleaning, put your bean bag cover to the washing machine, as instructed in the bean bag cover. Hey, what are you thinking? Have you lost the instructions? Then it’s better to set your washing machine to a mild wash with bleach-free laundry detergent in cold water for a safe wash. 

Once you finish washing, make sure your cover is free of soap. Otherwise, you can clean it again to rinse all the detergent from the surface. Now you can let the bean bag cover dry adequately. 

Finally, you can fill the beans back to your cleaned cover. Now your bean bag chair is ready to use. 

Cleaning a vinyl cover bean bag is slightly different from cleaning a cloth bean bag.

You can use a container to keep the beans, appropriate laundry detergent, some soft cloths, a soft-bristled toothbrush, suitable stain remover, and a pale of warm water for cleaning. 

First, carefully remove the beans in the sack into the container—flat the cover on the floor or a table. Then you can prepare the solution for cleaning using warm water and detergent. Using a soft cloth, clean the surface gently to remove all dirt. 

If there are any stains, you can use some stain remover on it using your soft-bristled toothbrush. Once you clean all the dirt and stains, you can rinse the cover with water using a cloth. 

After cleaning the entire surface, let the cover dry thoroughly. Now you can fill the beans back to the sack and feel the comfort of your bean bag chair.

Do you have a bean bag with a Suede cover? Then to keep it clean, you should brush it more often.   

To deep clean a Suede bean bag cover, you may need a brush, suede eraser, or a small towel (terry fabric), and a metal brush. 

If there are any stains and dirt on the cover, you can use a moistened towel or the suede eraser to remove it. 

To last the texture of the cover long, you can brush the surface in a circular motion with the metal brush.

If you have a bean bag chair with a plush cover, you should be careful when you clean it.

For plush covers, you may need a cloth and a hairbrush (Better a plastic bristle one) to clean. 

First, take the fabric and moist it. Then rub on the stains on the cover carefully. Then you can wipe and dust the entire surface to remove dirt. If it is not sufficient, then you can use a vacuum cleaner too for better results. 

Finally, you can brush the cover using the hairbrush for a smooth, elegant look. 

If your bean bag chair cover is of Velour or Velvet, you can heed the following steps to clean it.

Collect a piece of fabric and some mild liquid detergent. Moist your cloth and wipe the entire surface to remove dirt. Then soak the cloth with liquid detergent and rub on the stain in a circular motion. 

Once you clean all the stain and dirt, you can air-dry the cover. 

The bean bag chairs finished using leather, look elegant. To maintain its’ elegance, you should take care of it properly.

If you want to last long the shiny leather look of your bean bag, clean it as often as you can. Dust the surface of the bean bag cover daily with a dry towel, and you can use a moist towel on the surface once a fortnight. 

If there are any stains, you can apply some mild liquid detergent into a towel and rub carefully on stains. For a more shiny, elegant look, you can use a leather conditioner tri-annually. 

How to remove the odor of bean bag chairs? 

Removing odor from bean bags

Due to many reasons, your bean bag chair can give a bad smell. Handling this odor issue differs from the severity and the cause of the odor. 

If you have a mild odor, you can try this simple way. Collect all the beans of the bean bag chair to a basket carefully and keep it in contact with air for a few days. Once the odor is gone, you can collect the beans back to the bag and use it. 

If this doesn’t work, you can use baking soda for your beans. Sprinkle beans of the bag with baking soda and shake it in a bin. Make sure you don’t transfer baking soda back to the cover when you fill it again.

Another way to remove the odor is sachets of odor absorbing materials. If none of these works for you, you can think of replacing the beans. Especially when the smell is due to pet urine, it is hard to remove from the beans. Better, go for a new bean bag chair. 

Outdoor Bean Bags vs Cleaning

Are you interested in having an outdoor bean bag chair? Or are you already having one? Then these tips will be helpful for you to keep your bean bag chair clean and long-lasting.

Firstly:  Do remember not to keep your bean bag chair outside directly exposing to the sun. In other words, keep your bean bag chair in a sheltered place. It will help your bean bag color to last longer without fading. 

Secondly: Keep your bean bag chair in a dry place, which is very important for the beans inside your bean bag chair. Wet beans will cause unpleasant odor and also matters for the quality of the chair. 

In case of sudden rain or by accidentally gets wet, clean the chair as soon as possible. 

There is a large variety of bean bags available: Bean bag covers with UV protection, waterproof, dirt-repellent, in various colors and shapes, and lot more.

You can think of these options if you are planning to invest in a new bean bag chair for outdoor use. Spending on such a bean bag chair, which suits your budget, will always be a wise investment. 

Key Points on Cleaning & Washing

  • Whether you use the bean bag chair outdoors or indoors, keep your chair in a dry place. The dryness of the space is essential to maintain the quality of the beans of your bean bag chair. 
  • Never postpone cleaning your bean bag chair. Let’s say you spill some food on the cover by mistake. Clean it immediately. It will protect your bean bag from permanent stains.
  • Never use detergents, which include bleaching chemicals. It is very harmful to the cover of the bean bag chair despite the material used to make the cover.
  • Never use a tumble dryer to dry your bean bag chair cover. 
  • Never iron the cover.
  • Avoid sweat. Don’t sit in the bean bag chair with sweat. If you need to rest when you are sweaty, use a towel on the chair cover. 
  • It is crucial to keep your bean bag chair away from pets. Scratches or their urine may cause you to put your loving bean bag chair to trash. You can get a special pet bean bag chair for them.

Are there lice in the bean bag cover?

At first, you can vacuum your bean bag chair. Then you can apply a few drops of tea tree oil to warm water and spray it to the cover. You can use a spray bottle for that and make sure you do it without soaking the cover.

Then cover the chair with a plastic bag or an appropriate case and leave it for a few days. It will remove lice and will give a fresh smell for your chair.


The strategy to clean the bean bag chair differs from the materials used for the cover. You can clean your bean bag chair accordingly. Apart from that, 

  • If there are any damages in the cover, repair those before you wash it. 
  • If you use a washing machine, follow the instructions given in the bean bag chair label. Otherwise, mild wash in cold water. 
  • Never use bleaching products to clean your bean bag cover. 
  • Do not use irons or tumble dryers on bean bag covers.
  • Keep your bean bag dry always and away from pets. 

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