How to Select Your Bean Bag Size

Bean bags are bags that you have at your place either outdoors on indoors. You will like to have it as a decorative thing at your home.

The bean bags come in different sizes. These range of sizes are vast when you are going to choose it for your sitting room, bedroom or corridor.

In the market, you would see these bean bag chairs from kids sizes to adult sizes.  With the guide that is here on how to select bean bag size, you are going to choose the ideal and best bean bag for you.

bean bag at office meeting

The guide here is on selecting bean bag sizes.

You might have difficulties when determining the perfect bean bag size for you, but, the article here is going to help you in selecting the suitable bean bag size for you.  If you know the size of the bean bag, you will be able to understand what the typical bean bag chair is for you to manage space.

The dimensions of the bean bags that you choose will depend on certain aspects.


What to look for when choosing a bean bag chair?

These are aspects that you will have to look at regarding how to select bean bag size. The bean bag size that you choose should match to the weight size of the person who is going to use it. The times that you would use the bean bag per day also depends because if you are going to use it regularly, the XXL size is going to suit you.

The dimensions that you choose also depends on age. The standard size for an adult is the XXXL bean bag chair.  If it is for a teenager, the size XXL is better. If you take kids, the ideal size would be XL. However, kids could even sit on the larger ones, but they would find the XL the most perfect.

If you are going to buy the XXXL bean bag, you are going to engage in lots of activities. You could either watch TV or play games seated on this kind of bean bag. You could even share it with your pets. A night with your friends while reading your favorite book on this bean bag would also be ideal.

Different bean bag sizes

There are different bean bag sizes. There are bean bag chairs in the market for kids as well as adults. Some bean bag chairs are specially designed for the babies and toddlers. Baby bean bag chairs have a cotton cover that is very soothing for them.

These bean bag range from the size 52cm diameter and 60cm in height. After the toddler stage passes,  the next bean bag type is the ones designed for kids. These bean bag chairs come in bright colors and are very soft. In the market for kids, there are animal bean bag chairs. For girls, there are heart-shaped bean bag chairs.  For kids aged five to eight years, the bean bags are 110cm in diameter.

The large bean bags for adults may be around the height of 95cm and a diameter of 70cm. They are more of a round shape and comes in different types of fabrics. There are also extra large bean bags in the market. They range from 180cm in length, 82cm wide and 10cm deep. These bean bags are ideal if you are sharing it with your friends.

There are also giant bean bags. These sizes are around 180cm in length and 140cm wide. You could choose the bean bag that is ideal for you from the sizes given above. This guide on how to select bean bag size will help you choose your favorite size.

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