How to open a Bean Bag Zipper

Opening a bean bag zipper is a tricker thing as it comes with a child safety lock. As most of the bean bags come with a removable cover, you should know how to unzip the bean bag zipper without much effort. A removable bean bag cover will help the bean bag’s cleaning and washing process and refill the bean bag quickly.

Follow these simple steps to open a bean bag zipper.

  1. Make a pull tab from a paper clip
  2. Insert the paper clip to the hole in the zipper head
  3. Move and open the zipper by holding the paper clip
how to open a bean bag zipper

Now let’s see what more you need to know when you are opening a bean bag.

Tips for open a bean bag zipper:

People have lots of doubts about this question how to open a bean bag zipper? Yes, for child resistance, it is locked thoroughly. So do not force to open this bean bag zipper and also do not have any pull tab. You do a straightforward thing to unlock the zipper. First, you have to check the zipper head, which consists of a small hole in the center part.

You can see the little hole of the zipper head, so with the help of the thin tension bar, you have to push up the zipper quickly. Overall with the paper clip, you can easily open the bean bag zipper. So hereafter, you can move the zipper up and down without any issues.

Otherwise, you no need to use any lubricants to make it more comfortable. The paper clip is a tool used to open the zipper. And once you insert the pulled paper clip through the wrong side, opening the bean bag becomes difficult. Have you purchased this bean bag for recent? First, you have to notice the zipper and its handling type. Still, many of the people do not know the answer to this question, like how to unzip a bean bag properly?

The main reason for this question is the bean bag zippers do not have any handle key or tab, so open the zipper is quite challenging. It is because this complicated technique help to keep the children safe from opening the bean bag. This bag is filled with small beads and other small particles like PVC. Then the big Joe zipper stuck is used for packaging the heavyweight Bean.

A simple way to unzip the bean bag:

Then it is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes, so this lock is the most useful one. All the bean bags are coming under child safety zippers because it prevents small children from opening the bean bags. This zipper consists of an inner and outer layer, first and second zipper, and safety lock.

So for using the safety lock, you have to unzip the first zipper. So then, remove the lock and open the second zipper. So now have an idea about the process of opening a bean bag zipper. Hereafter you no need to worry when you clean the bean bag or replace the filers, etc.

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