History of evolution of home furnishing


There is a history of the evolution of home furnishing. If you look at the history, you will find how everything has evolved. Home furnishing is all about having furniture in at the place you stay.

This furniture includes chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, almirahs, other appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, and toaster.

You could start with furnishing your home. Furnishing your home includes adding furniture to your home. These furniture are portable, and they help you to decorate your place. The furniture is designed to place in the area that you live but also to help you in various activities.

For example- the chairs support you in seating, and the beds support you in sleeping.  You can also find furniture to store things. Most of the furniture that we see in the market is made from wood, but you would also see furniture that is made of plastic or metal.

The evolution of home furnishing has come a long way. Earlier people had used natural things from the environment as furniture, but now furniture is made out of artificial materials such as plastic, and metal. Wood is also used in furniture making.

The earliest of people used objects from their surroundings. The earliest of people used tree stumps for seating places, rocks, and moss for furniture. It was later that the use of furniture evolved and people started making furniture out of wood.

If you look at about 30,000 years ago, people had used to build their furniture stone, wood and animal bones.  This way is how early furniture was built using natural things from the environment. People earlier did not buy furniture, but they used to make their own.

Today with the evolution of home furnishing, we see that people are buying made furniture.

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The chronology of the evolution home furnishing

The earliest of furniture used to be delicate and very pretty. The earliest of furniture dates to the Venus figurine which was found in Russia. Just like this furniture, some of the outstanding other furniture items were found from Scotland.

From Scotland, extravagant cupboards, dressers, and beds were found made of stone and very beautiful with artistic craftwork. Some other great furniture was found from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. These eras had great furniture made of ivory and other metal.

Towards the times of Middle Ages, people had used furniture made of oak. Gradually the craftwork of furniture increased and it was during the Italian Renaissance that the furniture became to incorporate Baroque designs.

The furniture became to take a new path with intricate designs.

It is in the modern times that designers came up with the modern styles of furniture. Like Bean Bag Chairs. The designs on furniture became complicated, and then furniture came up with eco-design styles. With the evolution of home furnishing, you will see that many use eco-friendly styles.

The furniture that is created now matches the interior colors and shades of the walls. Countries like India, China, Pakistan are famous for their furniture. In China, they mostly use Bamboo to create furniture.

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What types of wood are used for this furniture?

These furniture has been made from both hardwoods as well as softwoods. Most of this furniture is made out of maple, oak, walnut and other wood that is high in quality.

It is not only wood that is used to make furniture, but today you will see the use of plastic or other metal types.



This briefing is the story of the evolution of home furnishing. You could try this furniture to fill the space at the place you live.


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