A Complete Guide to the Best Furnishing Trends in 2019


Well let us be honest, all of us dream that our homes be decorated and furnished as well as the Buckingham Palace. Or at least, be comparable to it.

Every homeowner has a vision of what his/ her home should look and feel like. And with interior designers all over the world upping their game every single year, it becomes too hard to resist. Your friends updating their Instagram with new décor, makes you want to jump right in on refurbishing and redecorating. While some of you may not be able to afford a complete redecoration of your home, you can always buy new furniture that is on the lines of the furnishing trends in 2019.

Things you must keep in mind before buying new furniture

Decide the space that you want to redo. And irrespective of it, you must always have a plan so that you can pay attention to the little details. Details add up to elevate the aesthetics of your home.

You can get the furniture custom made or buy from Home Furniture stores. Carve out a plan of the corners that you want to cover, the kind of vibe you want to have in your space, decide a theme for the room and work your way accordingly.

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The Furniture Police of 2019

Mentioned below are some of the most renowned and globally accepted trends of 2019-

•    Oxidized oak- to give that old school or vintage look to your furnishings and shelves with the new black, chiseled wood

•    Luxury Headboards- better known as luxe headboards, this implies having a large headrest along the bed with velvety soft fabric

•    Bold- big and bright themes and color choices are the go-to choices. Punky wall colors, lighting or brightly colored furniture pieces like the sofa

•    Multifunctional furniture- ditch the old bookshelf and buy a new cabinet that can be used for different purposes like holding the sculptures, the books, drinks, etc.

•    Handcrafted pieces- an evergreen statement, authentic handcrafted furniture stands out and makes a very elegant statement

•    Blush tones- just like neutral shades that pair up with everything, so does the blush. It can be used to contrast the bold colors by complimenting them

•    Cozy beds- my personal favorite, millennials are opting for those warm, fuzzy and comfortable beds with a good quality quilt and bedding

•    Geometric patterns- a very modern tone, geometric paintings, and wallpapers set very well against plain white backgrounds

•    Natural stones- instead of using tiles, people are readily switching over to marbles and granites

•    Curvy designs- instead of the singular, straight look, rounded furniture is making its way and imparts a very retro look

•    Innovative uses of metal- metals are no more restricted just to the frame of the furniture, newer and darker colored metals are being used creatively with the essential furniture items

•    Handmade and custom pieces- now and then, you will find a piece that will inspire you into buying it, but it wouldn’t fit the dimensions of your space, so you can always get furniture custom made to your specifications

•    Small details- changing the kind of plants and the upholstery of your seating furniture can make a huge difference

These are only some of the best furnishing trends in 2019. It is important that you maintain your identity and personality with your home, as it should always be a reflection of who you are!

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