Causes of Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems these days. Even small children complain of having back pain these days. There are numerous reasons which can contribute to back pain, the dominant among them are as follows

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It is hard to believe that even mental issues like stress, tension, depression and anxiety can cause back pain, but yes stress is one of the dominant reasons for back pain.These mental stress conditions tense the muscles and back have lots of muscles which tense because of stress and thus cause back pain.

Stress is many times a cause of mild to severe back pain. Stressful conditions must be avoided to keep painful back problems away.


Lifting heavy weights

The most common cause of back pain is lifting heavy weights in an improper manner. Lifting heavy weights can cause severe back pain sometimes. When you lift heavy weights your body puts a strain on the back muscles; sometimes the pressure is too high that it may cause back pain.

Lifting heavy weights should be avoided especially if you do not exercise regularly. In some conditions where you have to lift heavy weights do it with the help of one or two more people.

This way you can avoid back pain from attacking you.


Incorrect posture

Incorrect posture is one of the leading causes of back pain. Sometimes we sit in an improper posture and maintain the wrong position due to many reasons. Doctors have been recommending the use of bean bags to the patients of the spine, and back-related problems as these bean bags relieve back problems and promotes spine related problems. Unlike traditional furniture you don’t have to fit yourself according to the furniture but the bean bag will adjust itself according to your body shape.

Normally polystyrene beads used to fill the bean bags, hence can take any form and size, so you do not need not to fit hard yourself into its shape. These bean bags help maintain a correct posture and hence avoid many posture related problems.

Herniated disc

A herniated disc is a condition where the disc that stacks up to make your spine has some flexibility problems, which is also a cause of back pain. Also it can cause severe pain in back and legs. And a herniated disc can be a result of a sudden movement, abrupt action or overuse of the muscles during a sports activity.

The good news is, proper medications and physiological exercises can cure the herniated disc.

Keep in mind: “Proper care should be taken while sports so as to avoid back pain.”

Degenerative changes in the spine

Degenerative changes refer to the loss of function of a body organ. These changes can also be a condition where your spine loses its functionality. These degenerative changes in the spine cause the spine to lose its flexibility as a result of which the bones slide against each other causing severe back pain. These degenerative changes happen due to age factors and changing lifestyle. Proper diet and care can avoid degenerative changes in the body.


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