Can Bean Bags Affect Your Health Badly?


Bean bags are used by many in the modern homes. Bean bags bring comfort to you and makes the place lively. Have you thought of the question can bean bags affect your health? Until now bean bags came to us as a luxurious furniture.

However, it is time now that you think whether these bean bags could affect your health. The article is going to point you few effects on health. All things have negative aspects as well as positive aspects. Likewise, bean bags also come with positive facts as well as adverse facts.

As you read on, you will find how can bean bags affect your health.

The bean bags were introduced towards the end of 1960, and from then onward it became the fashion in homes to have bean bags. Today, it is found that bean bags cause risk to the health of the person who is using the bean bag.

It generates negative consequences on the health of human beings. People buying bean bags would find threats due to some of the manufacturers who make the bean bags without thinking of safety measures.

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How can bean bags affect your health?

If you look around, you might have come across instances where kids undergo threats. There have been several cases noted where kids climb inside the bag and get stuck and die of suffocation.

The other negative aspect is that some bean bags can cause cancers. Some bean bags are made out of materials that create cancer cells in the human body.

It is best that you do not choose Vinyl bean bag covers. Vinyl is supposed to cause birth deficiencies and cancers. If you are buying a bean bag, do not hire one of the Vinyl material. When buying products, look for the ones that have warning labels and avoid from purchasing those products.

The warning label is to show that the product that you are going to buy has chemicals that are harmful and that causes cancer. Vinyl is bad because it contains Vinyl chloride which is a colorless gas. This gas is detrimental to the human body and causes harm on the reproductive system.

Vinyl Chloride should not enter the body because it will cause drowsiness, headaches, difficulties in the kidneys and lungs. It is also bad for the nervous system.


The risk of cancers

Vinyl, as said above, is bad for all aspects related to the reproductive system. For example- It decreases male fertility and defects in birth. Vinyl should also be prohibited as it causes liver cancer.

Most of the Vinyl products contain a mixture of diisononyl phthalate (DINP). DINP is also prone to increase the risk of cancers. This chemical causes cancer in the body parts such as the pancreas, kidney, liver, uterus, and bone.

Vinyl bags are famous among the people who have a low income. They tend to buy Vinyl bags as they are very inexpensive. Tough they are expensive, they are not that rich in quality and are very hazardous to the body.

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Do bean bags affect health?

As bean bags affect health, try to buy bean bags that are made from polyester or nylon. These bean bags are not harmful to the body, and you will be free from cancers.

Bean bag fillings are also a risk factor that contributes to cancers. Think about the bean bag outer cover, and the bean bag filling when you are buying a bean bag to avoid from cancers.


 What else are the other reasons that answer the question can bean bags affect your health?

Here are some other ways how bean bags affect your health.  Some are not good for your spinal cord. Some bean bags do not give support for your back when you are seated on the bean bag. These bean bag chairs are also bad for your legs.

As you do not get support for your legs, you will end up with muscular pains and also it is bad for your arm and shoulder muscles as the bean bag chair does not give support to these body parts. The way you are seated on the bean bag chair brings adverse effects on body posture.

These are some of the adverse effects that you get if you are seated on bean bag chairs for long hours, and it answers the question can bean bags affect your health.



Thus you will see bean bag chairs are things that are lovely to have in homes but they come with both positive qualities and negative qualities.

You must be mindful of the adverse effects that these bean bag chairs cause and you should always avoid bean bag chairs that are involved with Vinyl as they are harmful to the human body.

When choosing bean bag chairs, be sure to avoid Vinyl!

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