Best Bean Bag Chairs – Top 6 UPDATED 2020


Shopping for the best bean bag chair is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

The market is teeming with poorly made products that resemble high-quality bean bags, but in reality, it will go flat as a pancake with just months of use.

You will Find:

Some are overpriced. Others are uncomfortable.

Why we even came across a few that advertised as full-sized adult chairs, but they shipped with only a quarter of the beans needed to fill it.

So, that’s unethical marketing for you right there.

How then do you find the best brand without shopping pig in the poke?

Customer reviews? Yeah sure!!

Salesmen? Good luck with that.

Word of mouth? The best model chair that your friend bought years ago has probably gone defunct by now.

The fact is that unless someone puts the latest products through the motions, it is impossible to find chairs without being swayed by fake bean bag reviews and aggressive sales talk.

Thankfully, that’s where we step in.

Best Bean Bags Reviews

Our stint with bean bags began seventeen years ago in a dorm room. And since then, they have been a ubiquitous feature in our homes.
best bean bags chairs

When we are not clacking away on our PlayStation consoles on the best bean bag chair, you will find us lazing with a book in hand and a beer in the other, on our favorite chair of course.

We have worked, eaten, slept, sat, stood, jumped, and even done reverse handstands on their chairs.
So, we had the fortune to test out some of the most popular ones in the market for the past few years.
Our fascination with lounger chairs has also led some of the biggest brands reaching out to us requesting us to test their products for them.
Based on our experiences, here are the best bean bag chairs for 2020 that give you the best bang for your buck in terms of quality, longevity, and comfort.

1 – Big Joe Roma – (The Best)

You are going to come across a lot of Big Joe Bean bag chairs in this list because it happens to be one of the most reputed brands in the business. And also one of our favorites, for a good reason too.

They make durable, pocket-friendly items.

That’s precisely the best model ought to be.

This is the Roma chair, a mid-level chair-shaped one from their range.

It differs from conventional chairs in its design as it is shaped more like a lounge chair or a club seat rather than a bean bag. The distinct advantage is that it looks much better.

Also, it gives you a massive backrest. So, if your ideal use is to kick back your legs and enjoy a read, the Roma bean bag is one of your best bets.

The perks however, go beyond that. The Roma uses Big Joe’s signature SmartMax Fabric for the upholstery, which is a form of nylon that’s water, stain, and odor resistant.

So, you can sleep with your snacks and your beverages in the chair. Cleaning it is as easy as wiping it with a wet cloth.

The size is perfect for a large adult. When filled to capacity, it is about 2 feet x 4 feet and you will be approximately 8-10 inches off the floor. (A more massive guy could sink the chair further). However, provided you fill it, it will give you a plush base and a comfortable backrest.

The Roma bean bag is available in 9 colors, a variety of prints and patterns and two fabric finishes. There are conventional nylon and softer suede fabric. (We wouldn’t recommend the suede in a high traffic household or if you have pets or kids)

Double reinforced stitching on the seams ensure that this can take a beating. This bean bag comes prefilled with UltimaX Beans.

PS: We saw a few scathing negative reviews about the Roma. Most of them come from unrealistic expectations or lack of beans in the bag.



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2 – Chill Sack Giant 5′ Chair – (The Best filled with Memory Foam)

The Chill Sack Giant 5″ Memory-foam Bean bag chair has been a permanent fixture in our living room for the past two years.

Excellent quality looks stunning, and we couldn’t be more pleased with it.

It’s an absolute delight to use. A massive 60 x 60 x 34-inch plush sack that you can just collapse into, after a tiring day at work.

But despite the large footprint, it doesn’t look like an eyesore in our living room. (We live in an apartment)

Maybe it’s because of the stunning upholstery. We have the Microsuede – Cinnabar, which is a darker shade of maroon. Hides any stains and the drool that our pet leaves behind on it unintentionally.

How easy to wash:

When it demands a wash, we can quickly remove the cover and toss it into the machine for a quick rinse. The Chill Sack chair features an internal liner that keeps your beans contained when the cover is being washed.

By the way, there are 26 shades for you to choose from in microsuede and a softer fabric that the manufacturer calls Ultrafur.

As made evident by the name, the Ultrafur is softer but is best used in low traffic households.

The Chill Sack Giant 5′ Memory Foam Bean bag chair has shredded memory foam filling that will automatically adapt to the weight and contours of your body.

Even if you spend all day in the chair, it won’t leave you with a sore tush. Also, shredded memory foam typically lasts longer than PE beans. This translates into fewer frequent refills.

Double-stitched seams and good quality zippers ensure that the chair can easily sustain the wear and tear that comes bundled with household use.

Last but not the least, this bean bag chairs are manufactured in the USA. Yay!



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3 – Panda Sleep 5 ft Bean bag Chair – (Best  in terms of comfort)

If we had to rate the best bean bags according to their plushness, then the Panda Sleep 5FT one would walk away with the honors.

This bean bag is plush.

And due to their proprietary memory foam blend, it doesn’t sink as much as most chairs do.

That might be good or bad depending on how you like your bean bag. But we certainly prefer that to chairs that sink to the ground.

Also, it is one of a big bean bag chairs (28″ H x 48″ W x 48″ D). So, ensure that you have enough room to accommodate it.

Talking about the memory foam, Panda Sleep is one of the only brands that use virgin foam that does not emit noxious fumes or contains cancer-causing flame retardants, which generally uses in most of the cheap brands.

So, you can be rest assured about its safety even if your children or pets use it.

Oh, by the way, it has a heavy-duty, triple-layer Hypercomfy™ upholstery with military-grade yarn stitching at the seams. Stains, scratches, paws, nothing is going to damage this one. But if you are one of those homeowners who’s obsessed with removing upholstery covers and washing them, then you’d be pleased to know that the cover is machine washable.

The manufacturer only recommends an occasional spot cleaning with a wet rag though.

The Panda Sleep bean bag chair is available in three sizes and a bunch of colors.

It also comes with a low-price guarantee for chairs this size. If you are able to find a similar sized one for a lower price than this one, then the manufacturer will ship you a brand new one for free.

To be fair, we tried. But we weren’t able to find one yet.
PS Do let us know if you can.



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4 – Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Chair – (Best for a family)

It’s the best bean bag for the family, of course.

Here’s the Lumaland Luxury bean bag chair. It’s a whopping 7-feet in width, and that should suffice for a small family of three (two adults and one kid)

It is roomy, comfortable, and looks stunning.

When we first read about this, we expected it to be an oversized shapeless sack.

This chair is more like a sofa filled with incredibly soft memory foam. So, it can go anywhere in the house from the living room to your bedroom.

Why it can even be a cost-effective replacement for that expensive IKEA sofa that you might be considering for your living room.

There are eight colors to choose from, and the microsuede fabric is soft and comfortable but extremely durable at the same time. The colors are mostly dark, and it helps to limit the appearance of stains. But in case of an accidental spill, you can remove the cover of the bean bag for a quick and easy wash.

Lumaland Bean bag chair also throws in a beige polyester inner cover, which keeps the memory foam contained, and it looks as good as the outer cover. So there’s zero downtime even when the outer cover is at the washing machine.

It is available in five sizes. The smallest one is for kids and is 3 feet wide. This one is the largest family-sized one.

We are unsure about the exact variety of foam uses for the filling. It’s memory foam, either shredded or a single chunk.

But all the customers that we spoke to have only positive things to say about it. The foam adheres to the body shape and it also reflects heat keeping you cool even on a warm summer day.

By the way, this family bean bag is vacuum sealed when it’s shipped out, and the box might look extremely small. Don’t be paranoid because it will automatically expand to full size in about three days. You can speed this up by fluffing it up manually. But we recommend that you let it air and fluff up naturally.



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5 – Comfy Sacks 8 ft – (Best for Tall People)

The first time we saw the comfy sacks 8-feet bean bag chair in action was at a furniture expo in Cincinnati, and a 7-foot tall basketball player was sprawled out on it comfortably.

We thought that they’d finally started to make furniture for online sellers and giants.

Jokes apart, this is the best bean bag chair for family. It’s basic, round, and extremely comfortable.

We already mentioned the size briefly. To give you some perspective, two normal-sized (6 feet) adults can comfortably sit or lie on it. If you have a small family, then you, your partner, your child (ren) and even your dog can squeeze in.

The caveat is that you will probably need more foam than inclusive in the package.

But that’s not a biggie. You can quickly get shredded or recycled memory foam refills for cheap. Fill it up as much as you want to and enjoy some cozy family time.

Comfy sacks bean bag has an inner liner that keeps the foam contained and a safety zipper that can be twisted and broken off to prevent curious kids from trying to dig their way through the foam.

It is available in 26 colors and three fabric choices. We like microsuede. Its basic. But it’s durable and easy to clean.

Some like the furry fabric more, but we feel that it can be a magnet for dog hair and dander.

By the way, comfy sacks are also available in smaller sizes. And it comes with a 5-year warranty.



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6 – Big Joe Classic Chair – (Best one for Kids)

This list would be incomplete without the Big Joe Classic bean bag chair. This bean bag is the quintessential one.

It’s cheap, it is attractive, and at 88″ circumference, it’s perfect for kids.
Coming from Big Joe, it’s almost like a no-brainer.

This one is the polka-dotted version that’s a favorite with kids. And it’s available in three attractive colors.

If you are looking for something better suited for your gaming room or a study, then you can check out the Big Joe Classic bean bag in solid colors.
Like all chairs from this brand, it comes prefilled with UltimaX Polystyrene filling. There’s a double-locking zipper that keeps the beans contained and protected from kids.

The beans last pretty long even with everyday use and refills are cheap.
The caveat is that there’s no inner liner or cover for the beans. When the lounger goes flat, you will have to empty the flat beans into a container and refill the bag again which is a minor hassle.

But that’s a small niggle in a perfect package.

If you are like us and hate polystyrene beans, then you can even swap them for shredded memory foam.

At this price, Big Joe Classic bean bag chair offers unbeatable value.



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How we selected the Best Bean Bag Chair

Despite all the talk about fancy colors and crazy shapes, when it comes to bean bags, people have fundamental expectations.

That’s what we based on our selection process.


Gone are the days when chairs were personal seating spaces that could accommodate one person only. Today, there are bean bag chairs that can accommodate one, two, three, or even four people. While an 8-feet chair looks amazing in a photograph, you must take the available space into account before you buy it.

Any bean bag requires some additional space around it to allow users to sit comfortably and alight from it. An 8-feet one would require at least 10 feet of space. Always consider the space before you buy one. We have chairs of all sizes in this list of top bean bags.


Some people prefer the classically styled bean bag chair shapes like a sack. Others use them as an alternative for expensive furniture pieces like lounge chairs and look for designs that resemble chairs. We have selected the best bean bags in all sorts of shapes in this list.

Intended use:

What will you mainly use the bean bag chair for? Is it a just to crash after a weary day? Then just about any plush chair will work for you. Is it your personal corner of the room where you read? Then a bean bag with a backrest will suit you better. Is it in the gaming room? Then you will be spending a lot of time on the chair.

Look for one with a memory foam filling because it will not create pressure points. Is it a family lounge chair where you, the kids and the pets fight for a spot? Then you need a durable and comfortable outer fabric that can sustain the wear and tear.


Comfort is subjective. But it’s also largely dependent on the type of filling used. For a long time, polystyrene beads were the only filling type that was commonly available and used. But now, chairs are filled with memory foam (shredded or whole), recycled foam or polystyrene beans. Of the three, shredded memory foam is considered to be the most comfortable one.

That’s because it automatically adjusts according to the weight of the user. And it does not form sore spots anywhere on the body. Polystyrene beads are a close second followed by recycled foam. Owners are free to swap the filling with a different one of their choice.


By now, you’d have realized that there can be a huge variation in pricing. They can cost as less as $40 and as high as $800. What is the difference? While all bean bag chairs look identical, there are many features that separate a good quality product from an average one. For example, something as simple as an additional inner cover, (which is normally available only in higher priced chairs) to contain the foam/beans can make a huge difference in maintenance.

It makes it so easy to remove the outer cover and toss it in the machine. There are many such small additions which make the higher priced ones completely worth the extra cost. Having said that, if you are shopping on a budget, then you are probably aware of the limitations that come with lower-priced bean bags, don’t you?


Bean bags require some amount of upkeep. From periodically changing the beads (Polystyrene only) to washing the outer cover, the upkeep will also depend on how you use the chair. In a household with kids and pets, you need a bean bag chair with a removable and machine washable cover.

Some manufacturers mention that the bean bags can be ‘Spot cleaned.’ Sure, they can. Some soap water and a cloth is all that is needed. But at times, nothing can replace a machine wash. So, a machine washable cover should be amongst the top features that you consider.

uses of bean bag chairs


Once again, it’s challenging to gauge the quality of a bean bag just by looking at it. They all look identical. But keep an eye on the specifications to know more about the quality. What fabric is the outer cover? Microsuede and nylon are the most commonly used fabrics.

These are extremely durable and will last for years without fraying or tearing. Furry fabrics like corduroy or velvet offer better aesthetics but can be a magnet for dust. Does the bean bag have an inner cover? What about the stitching at the seams? You need double stitches if there are kids or pets. Is there an inner cover that makes replacement and maintenance easy?

All the bean bag chairs sold in America are required to have a safety child lock zipper. Some of these products are imported from Asia. So, double-check anyway. With regular maintenance and normal usage, most loungers last for three to four years at least. Some last a lot more.

Child safety:

One of the most overlooked aspects is child safety. How safe are the colors, the fabrics and the filling used in the bean bags for children? Foam in particular has a nasty reputation of emitting toxic gases.

To this end, manufacturers these days mention about the child safety ratings of their products. The ECR4KIDS toddler for example is GREENGUARD [GOLD] certified.

To sum things up

That’s it, folks. We hope that this article helps you pick the best bean bag chairs for 2020 for your home.

We would like to hear about your experience with these chairs someday. Post pictures, share stories about the bean bag reviews you came across.

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