Bean Bags Safety for Toddlers

Bean bags are the most comfortable furniture that suits all ages, from toddlers to adults. But safety is a concern when you are going to buy it for your toddler. You should pay more attention when choosing a bean bag for your toddlers because infants or babies do not fully adjust to the external environment. 

Bean bags are safe for toddlers who are older than 12 months. But bean bags are not recommended for infants who are newly born.

Infants and toddlers have susceptible skins, immature bones, and body organs. Therefore you should think several times when purchasing any furniture for them.  

In this article, you can get a better idea about toddler’s bean bags and bean bag safety for your toddlers. 

Do not let your baby to sleep on bean bag at night. It is too risky and not safe for the baby.

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Are Bean Bags Safe for My Toddler?

Bean bags are safe for your baby, who is not below 12 months old. The comfortable, sharp edges of bean bags help to protect your kid from accidents.

However, make sure to select a well-reputed brand that strictly aligns with quality and safety standards. Then you do not need to worry too much about your baby’s safety. 

Moreover, toddlers’ bean bags should be flatter. In addition to that, the bean bag should have the correct amount of filler beads. If not, may arise safety issues such as suffocation. 

To eliminate these unfavorable hazards, you should choose the perfect bean bag for your toddlers.  

When selecting a bean bag for your toddler, you should consider these essential factors. 

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Safety Standards and Government Involvement

The government enforces some regulations on toddlers’ bean bags. According to it, every bean bag and cover should have a child-resistant slide fastener fitted. Then the child cannot easily open the zip of the bean bag

Moreover, the bean bag or its cover should not supply any tag, handle or object that facilitates a child-resistant slide fastener movement. 

Therefore, nowadays the bean bag manufacturers include safety features to prevent kids from gaining access to the filler beads. Usually, the toddler’s bean bag zip tag does not appear. Because manufacture removed it from production, then small kids can not open it easily. Also, the refillable bean bags have locking safety zippers. 

According to the government rules and regulations, the bean bag fabric should pass the durability test. It ensures that toddlers cannot rip or tear them. In addition, it is a solution for filler bead spills. 

The double and over-locked stitching bean bags are better for toddlers. Because it ensures your baby’s safety by avoiding filling spills. 

Additionally, some bean bags have safety belts or safety traps to hold your kid. Then your kid does not fall from the bean bag. Anyhow it would be best if you keep your eyes on them.

In addition to the above factors, you should decide suitable bean bag height for your child. That height should be favorable for your kid. If not, they have to climb on the bean bag. Sometimes accidents may occur while kids are climbing on the bean bag. 

Further, the bean bag has maximum carrying capacity. Thus, as a parent, you should be aware of it. If you exceed this caring capacity weight or misused your product, it will give dangerous results. Also, the bean bag will lose its properties by being over-compressed. 

Generally, most manufacturers align with government regulations. But if you purchase a toddler’s bean bag from a manufacturer who does not sickly align with safety standards, you may face bad experiences. 

Bean Bags for Infants

The newborn babies have susceptible skin. Especially their spine code, nerves, and backbone is not well developed. Therefore it is not recommended to lay them in a bean bag. 

The authorities also advise for do not to use bean bags under 12 month’s old babies. 

You may see a bean bag with a warning tag in the market that mentions its usage and safety hazards. 

According to the law, the bean bag manufacture should include a warning message on the white color tag with red color letters. Then customers can quickly identify and make a decision.

Tag Example: Warning: Children may suffocate if bean bag filler beads are swallowed or inhaled. Hence, do not let children climb inside the bean bag. Also, the bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 months of age. 

Hence, we can recommend you keep your infant on firm flat surfaces until their 1st birthday. Even your child becomes one year old, and you should still avoid keeping your kid in bean bags unless it has a firm structure that won’t suffocate your kid. 

Additionally, the AS/NZS standards cot is the safest place to sleep, infant. Thus, you can use these types of cots until your kids become one year old. 


Possible Hazards Associated with Bean Bags

The bean bag is a material sac that compromises a large number of bean bag fillers. These can be polystyrene foam, PVC, Polyurethane, and Styrofoam beads. Most of these beads’ diameters range from 3mm to 9mm. Some manufactures use microbeads that have around 1 mm diameter. 

The toddlers have curious about everything. Thus, they always try to find new things from the surrounding environment. 

Hence there are two safety risks associates with bean bags for toddlers. Toddlers tend to unzip and open the bean bag lining to play with it. Moreover, they try to eat the bean bag filling beads.  

Also, these tiny beads can inhale small kids. It can be caused to damage the respiratory tract. 

Hence bean bag spills can cause severe damages to your toddlers. Further, if the bean bag sac accidentally spills out, suffocation may occur. 

On the other hand, toddlers try to crawl into the bean bag. 

Hence, you should purchase a toddler’s bean bag with safety zippers. On the other hand, if you have small kids, you must keep your eye on them. If not, they will mess with the bean bag. 

Moreover, select the solid fabric material that is difficult to split and open. Also, you should be highly aware of bean bag filling. Then, you can go for alternatives besides polystyrene foams.

In addition, due to small children have sensitive skins, you should purchase skin-friendly bean bags for your toddlers. However, buying a toddler’s bean bag from a known brand with specific quality standards is always better. 

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Benefits of Toddler’s Bean Bags

Generally, infants or babies like to live in a calm and comfortable environment. Also, normally small kids sleep around 10 to 13 hours per day. This sleeping time allows them to develop their brain and other body parts. 

Thus, you can facilitate these things by providing good quality and safe bean bag for your them. 

Also, some infants who spend a lot of time on firm mattresses have a flatter heads.

Hence, a toddler’s bean bag is an ideal solution for that kind of kid. But this flathead does not affect the development of the infant. However, it can reshape with age. 

Bean bags do not have sharp and rough edges like metal or wooden furniture. Hence, there is a minimal risk of injuring your kids with a bean bag. 

Additionally, children can mess up any location within a short time. This behavior applies to the bean bags too. But unlike sofa and other types of furniture, you can wash and clean bean bags easily. So it helps to maintain your kid’s hygiene at a reasonable level. 

Further, the stomach acids can flow back to the esophagus (food pipe) of the child. But the standard Bean bag can reduce acid reflux. It is a golden benefit. 

Also, do not keep the below-listed things near the bean bag because the flame can destroy the bean bag. Moreover, it can badly affect your kid if he exposes to the flame. 

Candles, Heaters, Iron, Lighters and matches, Cigars and Cigarettes, Wood burning stoves, Barbecue grills


Anything can be a risk if you do not use it correctly. This theory is also applicable to bean bags. But if you purchase the correct toddler’s bean bag and use it accurately, your babies will get good results with a comfy feel and good mood. 

Therefore buy a bean bag that aligns with specific safety standards. And We strongly recommended keeping your toddler within your eye range.

See our guide on baby bean bags.

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