Bean Bag For Sciatica

Sciatica is a common problem among people who sit for a longer time. I had the opportunity to research Sciatica and bean bag’s effect on them.

Bean bags are good for Sciatica if you maintain a proper posture while sitting or sleeping on a bean bag. But make sure that you don’t sit in the same position for several hours.

Now let’s study more on Bean Bags for Sciatica.

Everybody likes to sit comfortably. A Bean bag is an ideal seat to give relaxation to your whole body. Because your body posture change with where you sit and what you are doing. 

Generally, we automatically move our bodies into a position that is comfortable to us. Often we do this without considering anything. But the question is whether that posture is good for our back health or not.

Most of the people used to sit on the same chair for long times for their office works. Then, back problems develop over a long period. Also, it has a high possibility to have a sciatica condition too.

Besides that, some people have doubts about the effect of bean bags on backbone health. They want to find whether bean bags is good for sciatica conditions or not. Keep reading! This article scientifically explains all essential things about bean bag usage and sciatica condition.

Bean Bags for Sciatica

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What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a pain that occurs in the largest nerve called the sciatic nerve. It is situated in the lumbar region of the body. The most common cause for this pain is slipping out of the spinal disk. 

This slipping-out spinal disk puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. This nerve inflammation and irritation lead to having sciatica conditions. 

Sciatica is a common problem among most people worldwide who sit more extended periods on a chair. 

You can get a better understanding of how to begin this pain by watching this video. 

Are Bean Bags Good for Sciatica?

If you ask a question, is a bean bag good for Sciatica? My answer is ‘it depends on how you use the bean bag.’ Because it mainly depends on your posture, let’s see how it happens.

The type of chair has a significant impact on the way of person sits. For example, traditional chairs usually have rigid structures. Therefore whole body weight accumulates into certain pressure spots. Commonly, this pressure affects the human lower spine, buttocks, hips, and sciatic nerve. 

But a standard bean bag filled with expanded polystyrene will fit around you and support your body, including your head. Especially bean bags provide support to the lower spine, hips, and buttocks. Hence the adequately filled bean bag helps to maintain your natural position. 

Also, it supports stretching your body on a bean bag and letting it relax without deforming your posture. Hence, your body size or shape does not influence it. It gives excellent support to your body without twisting or contortion.

Thus, these types of bean bags reduce the number of pressure spots. Hence, it facilitates a good level of backing compared to wooden chairs. 

Do you know your body has several curves? Or else do you feel uncomfortable when you are sitting on a stool without a backbone supporter? I know your answer is a big Yes. 

These body curves help to tolerate body weight and vertically stabilize our bodies. Hence, if you lay or sit on any seat with the wrong sitting pattern, you definitely feel backbone pain because these curves do not correctly fit with your furniture.

Moreover, your wrong sitting pattern can change the backbone shape and directly affect the nerves. But when you are sitting on a bean bag, it adjusts with your body curves, especially at the lumbar region.

Also, it provides steady support to most parts of the body. In this scenario, we can say bean bag is good for Sciatica. 

Thus, if you sit in a bean bag in a comfortable position, yes, it is good for Sciatica. But if you spent more time on a bean bag with a curved back position, that won’t be good for your backbone. And that may cause to have a pain in the spine and Sciatica. 

Generally, bean bags are design for relaxation. Also, once in a while, it is okay to sit and relax on the bean bag. But if you are used to sitting there for long hours, it may develop some backbone issues like Sciatica. 

However, back problems develop over a long period. Hence you may not notice your bad sitting patterns influences until they become severe. Therefore maintain a proper posture is essential to improve your physical health. 

On the other hand, if you have a severe sciatica condition, a bean bag may not effectively resolve your pain. Sometimes using a bean bag may increase your pain. 

Hence, if you are in a severe stage, it is better to meet a doctor and get treatments. 

How to Prevent Sciatica Condition

Sciatica is the most painful nerve pain. That pain can go to the legs because this sciatic nerve goes through the legs too. Hence, prevention is the best method.

Thus, here I mentioned some tips to select the best bean bags that facilitate protection from sciatica conditions.


Select Standard Bean Bags

The expanded polyester or memory foam is the ideal filler type that relieves your body muscles. Thus, you can select a bean bag that is filled with EPS beads to sit more comfortably. 

Moreover, the amount of the beans directly affects the bean bag’s level of support. Generally, 100 liters volume bean bag should contain 4-7 lbs. of expanded polystyrene beans. 

Therefore, you should check whether it includes a standard amount of beans when purchasing a bean bag. Further, check how to calculate the bean bag filler amount to get a better idea.

Moreover, try to choose a bean bag that is matches best size for you. Since some people purchase small bean bags, and these are not perfectly adjusted to their body shape. 

Therefore, buy a bean bag that matches your height, weight, and position that you love to sit on a bean bag. If you purchase a giant bean bag, it can give enough support for your body muscles. Especially, back area, shoulders, neck, and head. Hence, this ergonomic support help to reduce the tension on your spine.

Furthermore, there are plenty of bean bag designs that develop with back support without being uncomfortable. Thus, you can select one from them.  

Maintain Good Posture

Posture is a critical factor that directly influences the backbone or spine health. If you are pushing down a lot of pressure on your spine, then it may cause to damage your spine. Bad postures can show results quickly, or some may take a long period to deliver results. 

Hence, first, maintain your head at a reasonable level. Because it directly affects all other body organ’s posture patterns. When you are looking forward at eye level, it helps pull your neck into a naturally good position. 

In addition to that, your shoulders should not slump forward because it will pull your spine into a curved position. Therefore your shoulders must be held straight. 

For example, if you are used to sitting on a bean bag while working on a computer or laptop, you should sit upright. Do not try to lay down on a bean bag and let it curve your spine for a long time when working. 

However, maintaining good posture not only supports your sciatica issue but also allows your lungs to open up. Hence, it improves oxygen flow and breathes. 

Additionally, a good posture helps to a proper blood pumping into the brain. Accordingly, if you use a bean bag or any other furniture, sit on it correctly. 

Final words

Most people are suffering from Sciatica because of wrong sitting behaviors. The modern world has well design furniture that is equipped with ergonomics to reduce these health issues. These chairs give support to pressure spots and curved body shapes. 

Moreover, bean bags have magical stuff to relax your whole body. Also, it helps to reduce Sciatica. But, it is a temporary solution for severe sciatica conditions. Moreover, using a bean bag for a long time with wrong sitting patterns may cause the beginning sciatica issue. 

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