Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair

Product Name:Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair
Size:48 x 84 x 48 inches
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What’s better than a bean bag chair for yourself? It’s the best bean bag chair for the family of course.

Here’s the Lumaland Luxury bean bag chair. It’s a whopping 7-feet in width and that should suffice for a small family of three (two adults and one kid)

It is roomy, comfortable and looks stunning.

When we first read about this, we expected it to be an oversized shapeless sack.

This is more like a sofa filled with extremely soft memory foam. So, it can go anywhere in the house from the living room to your bedroom.

Why, it can even be a cost effective replacement for that expensive IKEA sofa that you might be considering for your living room.

There are 8 colors to choose from and the microsuede fabric is soft and comfortable but extremely durable at the same time. The colors are mostly dark and it helps to limit the appearance of stains. But in case of an accidental spill, you can remove the cover for a quick and easy wash in the machine.

Lumaland also throws in a beige polyester inner cover which keeps the memory foam contained and it looks as good as the outer cover. So there’s zero downtime even when the outer cover is being washed.

It is available in five sizes. The smallest one is a bean bag chair for kids and is 3 feet wide. This is the largest family sized one.

We are unsure about the exact variety of foam that’s used for the filling. It’s definitely memory foam, either shredded or a single chunk.

But all the customers that we spoke to have only positive things to say about it. The foam adheres to the body shape and it also reflects heat keeping you cool even on a warm summer day.

By the way, this family best bean bag chair is vacuum sealed when it’s shipped out and the box might look extremely small. Don’t be paranoid because it will automatically expand to full size in about three days. You can speed this up by fluffing it up manually. But we recommend that you let it air and fluff up naturally.


  • Super-sized luxury bean bag chair
  • Perfect for a small family
  • Can go anywhere from the living room to the gaming room
  • Soft microsuede fabric
  • Five sizes
  • Soft memory foam filling that doesn’t go flat
  • Machine washable removable outer cover
  • Beige polyester inner cover that ensures that you can continue to use your chair when the outer cover is being washed



  • This will take a lot of room. Most customers that we spoke to were surprised when the chair expanded to its full size. Ensure that you are aware of the dimensions before you order this. The last thing you need is to lug a heavy (Yes. It will be heavy when it expands to full size) around the house because you miscalculated the space needed to accommodate it.
  • It has a slight odor when unboxed. But if you let it air for a day, the mild odor dissipates.
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