Kids Bean Bag Chair Small lavender dots

Product Name:Kids Bean Bag Chair Small lavender dots
Size:31 x 31 x 31 inches
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I bought this bag for my nephew. His parent tells me it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He uses his bean bag for playing games and for doing homework. When I visit, I see him dragging it all over. Which is perfectly ok. I made sure to get the one that can take the most. He tells me how much he loves his bean bag. It’s safe to say I’m his favorite uncle.

• Cotton twill upholstery
• weighs 8 pounds
• One of Best kids bean bag chairs in the market
• The cover slips on and off with ease. It’s also machine washable. The cover can be spot cleaned with a damped cloth. Its easy to clean options cannot be matched.
• The light design of the bean bags makes is fantastic. You will never see you child falling while dragging around the bag. It’s extremely light!
• Comfort is the staple of the bean bag. It’s made to fit you children perfectly. Most bean bags offer too much. This one got it just right.
• The best price for the best product. There more expensive bean bags that are not as good.

• It’s polka dots style

Of all the bean bags I reviewed this one had the highest scores. I really tried to find something negative about it but there isn’t much to say. It amazing bean bag. Sure I found some better bean bags but not much better. Some of the more expensive bags didn’t t compare. The other bags of similar price didn’t even come close. Even this has a 5 star rating which is very rare in the kids bean bag chairs section. I realized this is the best bean bag out there. It’s great to see my nephew happy. His parent can’t stop thanking me. I hope I can continue to find products as good as this one.

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