Jaxx Juniper Bean Bag Chair Outdoor

Product Name:Jaxx Juniper Outdoor Bean Bag Patio Chair, Lagoon
Brand:Jaxx Juniper
Size:36 x 30 x 28 inches
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Are you confused about what to buy for someone beloved? Don’t be desperate; we have a solution for you. What is the best way to surprise your loved ones? You could buy them comfort, protection and a possibility of interaction because the thing you are buying them is suitable for two persons at once. This Jaxx Juniper Bean Bag Chair will change your way of receiving the feeling of joy.



  • Jaxx Juniper Bean Bag Chair with handle for outside terrain from patio to gardens, and camping
  • Fade, mold, UV and weather resistant and has childproof zipper
  • It is filled with polystyrene bead filling
  • You can remove the cover and wash it in machine



  • Eco-friendly materials at the same time protect the earth and give you a fully adjusted comfort that you always deserve after a grueling workday.
  • You can mold them into whatever shape you like. They are very useful for relaxing.
  • They can be used by everybody such as kids, pets, grown-ups.



  • You have to make sure that your Bean Bag fits your desires because requirements can be different person to person.
  • If you don’t enjoy sinking while you’re sitting and if your spine constantly searches for a hard place to lean on, you would be better off with chairs and sofas.
  • It still is difficult to get in and out since they don’t have a stationary frame to grab hold of.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: How to fill my Bean Bag?

A: Unzip the opening and place the opening of your stockinet bag through the internal filling zip. Hold it firmly in place. Raise the stockinet bag so that the beans pour into the bean bag.

Q: Will my Bean Bag change its size after a while?

A: With constant using, the beads inside deform and that is why your Bean Bag might lose its size.

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