Comfy Sacks 8 ft Bean Bag Chair

Product Name:Black Furry 8 ft Bean Bag Chair
Brand:Comfy Sacks
Size:96 x 96 x 34 inches
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The first time we saw the comfy sacks 8-feet bean bag chair in action was at a furniture expo in Cincinnati and a 7-foot tall basketball player was sprawled out on it comfortably.

We thought that they’d finally started to make furniture for amazons and giants.

Jokes apart, this is the best bean bag chair for family. It’s basic, round and extremely comfortable.

We already mentioned the size briefly. To give you some perspective, two normal-sized (6 feet) adults can comfortably sit or lie on it. If you have a small family, then you, your partner, your child (ren) and even your dog can squeeze in.

The caveat is that you will probably need more foam than what’s included in the package.

But that’s not a biggie. You can easily get shredded or recycled memory foam refills for cheap. Fill it up as much as you want to and enjoy some cozy family time.

Comfy sacks has an inner liner that keeps the foam contained and a safety zipper that can be twisted and broken off to prevent curious kids from trying to dig their way through the foam.

It is available in 26 colors and three fabric choices. We personally like the microsuede. Its basic. But it’s durable and easy to clean.

Some like the furry fabric more. But we feel that it can be a magnet for dog hair and dander.

By the way, comfy sacks is also available in smaller sizes. And it comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Large bean bag chair for the family
  • 8-feet diameter round bean bag chair
  • Can easily accommodate two adults and a child
  • Memory foam blend
  • Inner liner to keep the foam contained
  • Child safety zipper lock
  • 26 colors and three fabrics



  • You will have to buy some extra foam. Because when two or three people rest on it at a time, it tends to go flat.
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