Christopher Knight 8 Feet Bean Bag

Product Name:David 8 Feet Bean Bag
Brand:Christopher Knight Home
Size:14 x 11 x 4 inches
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Most large bean bag lounger chairs are usually priced above $200. That’s the 6-footers by the way.

And here you have the David Faux 8-feet lounger bean bag chair that priced almost like kiddie bean bags.

If you are shopping for a best bean bag lounger for the entire family on a shoestring budget, then you’ve just found it.

The David Bean bag chair a monster. It is 8 feet x 6 feet and it weighs 75 lbs. when it expands to full size. Ensure that you find a suitable place before you let it expand lest you want to lug it around the house.

It has a microfiber synthetic suede exterior that is soft, waterproof and puncture-proof. So, if your large dog fancies the bean bag chair more than you do, then you can be rest assured that those large claws are not going to rip the bag open.

The interior is filled with recycled eco-friendly foam. So, it’s nice and plush.

In fact, some customers mentioned that they found this a little too soft for their liking. But if you wanted a firm surface to begin with, then why would you shop around for best bean bags? Duh!

Available in five colors and two smaller sizes as well.


  • Budget-priced family lounger bean bag chair
  • 8 feet x 6 feet
  • Microfiber synthetic suede exterior
  • Recycled foam filling
  • Soft and comfortable



  • There have been a few customers who mentioned that the outer cover bleeds after a few months of use. If that is the case, then you might want to reach out to the customer care. They are very prompt and helpful.
  • Some customers also mentioned about a mild odor when they unboxed it. But that’s normal with most best bean bags and should dissipate as the chair airs out.
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