Chill Bag – Kids bean bag chair

Product Name: Chill Bag - Kids bean bag chair
Brand:Chill Bag
Size:24 x 24 x 20 inches
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This bean bag was a gift for my toddler. I placed it my child’s room. I must admit this is not a bad bean bag. It turned out to be a good gift. My toddler plays with the bean bag all the time. My personal favorite is that it’s safe. I don’t have to worry about my toddler getting hurt. It’s also proving to be durable.

• The micro suede cover can be unzipped and removed. The cover is machine washable is great when you have kids. It’s incredibly soft. Suede is a popular material and known for its comfort.
• Chill bean bags are made in the USA. The company is proud to maintain its product and labor force in the USA. The high standard shows in the quality of the product.
• Different colors are available. Keep in mind. When purchasing as different color bean bag the price could possibly change.
• Large size makes it great for both children and adults. Make no mistake its more comfortable for children. It’s still large enough for adults.

• Most people don’t notice the price change when changing color. This has been seen as sneaky and many will gladly pay for they want. It’s better to inform the customer about the product.
It’s a tough and durable bag at an amazing price. At this price range, you don’t see this kind of bean bags. All the material used in making the bag are fantastic. The concept of the bag is great for children. Seeing the safety feature on the inner zipper let me know the company was putting the children first. My main focus when buying a product for my child is safety. Chill kids bean bag chairs has earned my trust.

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