Big Joe Roma Chair

Product Name:Big Joe Roma Chair
Brand:Big Joe
Size:26 x 36 x 26 inches
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Made from Ultimax beans, which are dense beans which fit to your shape, this stylish chair is stain resistant, and will wipe clean easily. It is also waterproof and fireproof. With an upright back and cushion, with two zippers, it comes in a variety of colors. Standing at 26 inches tall and 26 inches wide, this bean bag is comprised of two bags one horizontal and one vertical. There is no back support, and you will be about ten inches off the floor when you sit on it. However you can lean it against a wall for more support. It retains its shape quite well, however you can add more beans to it if needed. There is a risk of the chair going flat over time, with repeated use however. There is no inside cover, so if you want to wash this product you would have to remove the beans and then replace afterwards. The weight limit for the chair is 600 lbs. Much smaller than the Fufn and not as firm, but a good budget buy for those looking for a soft comfortable seating option. It is both durable and good looking and has good reviews on amazon overall with an average score of four out of five. It is very comfortable and fairly firm. It seems to be very popular with younger users. This beanbag received an average of just under four stars out of five on amazon. Common complaints were that there was no back support, that the bean bag lost its shape and became horizontal over time. In addition it doesn’t seem to be firm enough for the needs of the users. In addition, it’s too expensive to send back if you aren’t happy.

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