Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair

Product Name:Roma Chair
Brand:Big Joe
Size:26 x 36 x 26 inches
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You are going to come across a lot of Big Joe Bean bag chairs in this list because it happens to be one of the most reputed brands in the business. And also one of our favorites, for good reason too.

They make durable, pocket-friendly best bean bags.

That’s precisely what a best bean bag chair ought to be.

This is the Roma Bean bag chair, a mid-level chair-shaped bean bag from their range.

It differs from conventional bean bags in its design as it is shaped more like a lounge chair or a club chair rather than a bean bag. The obvious advantage is that it looks much better.

Also, it gives you a large backrest. So, if your ideal bean bag use is to kick back your legs and enjoy a read, the Roma is one of your best bets.

The perks however, go beyond that. The Roma uses Big Joe’s signature SmartMax Fabric for the upholstery, which is a form of nylon that’s water, stain and odor resistant.

So, you can sleep with your snacks and your beverages in the chair. Cleaning it is as easy as wiping it with a wet cloth.

The size is perfect for a large adult. When filled to capacity, it is about 2 feet x 4 feet and you will be approximately 8-10 inches off the floor. (A heavier guy could sink the chair further). However, provided you fill it, it will give you a plush base and a comfortable backrest.

The Roma is available in 9 colors, a variety of prints and patterns and two fabric finishes. There’s the conventional nylon and a suede fabric that is softer. (We wouldn’t recommend the suede in a high traffic household or if you have pets of kids)

Double reinforced stitching on the seams ensure that this can take a beating. Comes pre-filled with UltimaX Beans.

P.S. We saw a few scathing negative reviews about the Roma. Most of them come from unrealistic expectations or lack of beans in the bag.


  • Lounge chair shaped bean bag chair
  • Comes in 9 colors and two fabric types
  • Tough stain, odor and spill resistant nylon
  • Double reinforced stitching on the seams
  • Backrest for reclining
  • Large size for adult users
  • Comes prefilled with UltimaX beans



  • No arm rest for the chairs. (We had to rack our brains trying to come up with a grumble for this)
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