Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair, Sapphire

Product Name:Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair, Sapphire
Brand:Big Joe Bean Bag Chair
Size:46 x 58 x 12 inches
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Lazy bag armchairs are here to give you the superior comfort you always wanted. Extremely light weight and with fluffy design, This Big Joe bean bag chair can be moved easily so that you could relax in it, read books, watch TV, and play games. Outdoor bean bag chairs follow the line of your body and they adjust to it. A bean bag is suitable for all ages. Maintenance is very simple. The material is waterproof. Dust can be removed with a dry cloth. You can use detergent to remove the persistent. But first mix detergent with water. Do not use a brush or wire or strong chemicals which may damage the lazy bag chair. This Big Joe bean bag chair is ideal for children but not suitable for jumping on them because their material is breakable.


  • It is made from SmartMax fabric so its material is here to give you both comfort while sitting on it and protection from water and any kind of liquid.
  • The fabric is stain resistant, water resistant so it could easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • The design is made for relaxation and every color is available to order.



  • Its fabric is waterproofed and stain resistant and its comfortable material will give you full comfort in every occasion.
  • It is made in different colors hence you can select the color of your perfect match.
  • Flexible and stretchable.


  • The uppers of outdoor bean bag chairs can be fragile so you should be careful not to expose it to the things that could damage it.
  • You have to measure the size accurately because Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair can get wider in time.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: What should I use to maintain the material?

A: You just need a damp cloth and your Bean Bag will always shine.

Q: Are there other colors of outdoor bean bag chairs?

A: Other series of chairs have the other color but you have to ask yourself: “What color is matching my interior?”


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