Big Joe Duo Chair, Zebra

Product Name:Duo Chair
Brand:Big Joe
Size:33 x 32 x 25 inches
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We told you that we love Big Joe.

This cheap bean bag chair is an absolute beauty. We bought it for our 11-year old son a couple of years ago. He’s overgrown the chair and now our 7-year-old daughter won’t be parted from it.

We also use it occasionally. But the backrest isn’t as high as we like. Both of us are 6 feet plus. That doesn’t help either.

It is really firm though. A shorter adult can easily use it.

It is about 33 inches wide and 32-inches tall. Weighs just 4 pounds without the bean filling and close to 8 pounds with about 200L of beans in it.

So, you can easily move it around home if need be.

It can be used as an accent chair or just as an armchair for your private cozy nook at home.

The Zebra printed fabric creates an excellent focal point and irrespective of your décor theme, it blends right in with the rest of the furniture.

We had it in our study that was otherwise dominated by dark wooden furniture pieces. Stood out like a flame in the forest.

The only possible niggle that we have with it is that the cover is not removable and it’s not ballistic nylon like the rest of Big Joe’s product range. It is some kind of fabric.

So, food and beverages are off limits on this cheap bean bag chair.



  • Stylish bean bag chair
  • Perfect for use as an accent chair
  • Ideal for children
  • Attractive fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with Big Joe’s Ultimax Filling



  • Fabric cover is not removable and it isn’t ballistic nylon. So, stains might be a concern.
  • It comes only about 1/3rd You will have to order some extra beans to fill it to capacity.
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