Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair

Product Name:Classic Bean Bag Chair
Brand:Big Joe
Size:28 x 28 x 22 inches
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This list would be incomplete without the Big Joe Classic Bean bag chair. This is the quintessential bean bag chair.

It’s cheap, its attractive and at 88” circumference, it’s perfect for kids.

Coming from Big Joe, it’s almost like a no-brainer.

This is the polka dotted version that’s a favorite with kids. And it’s available in three attractive colors.

If you are looking for something better suited for your gaming room or a study, then you can check out the Big Joe Classic in solid colors.

Like all best bean bags from the brand, it comes pre-filled with UltimaX Polystyrene Bean filling. There’s a double locking zipper that keeps the beans contained and protected from kids.

The beans last pretty long even with everyday use and refills are cheap.

The caveat is that there’s no inner liner or cover for the beans. When the bag goes flat, you will have to empty the flat beans into a container and refill the bag again which is a minor hassle.

But that’s a small niggle in a flawless package.

If you are like us and hate polystyrene beans, then you can even swap them for shredded memory foam.

At this price, Big Joe Classic bean bag chair offers unbeatable value.


  • One of the most popular and best bean bag brands in America
  • Classic styling
  • 88” circumference
  • Perfect for kids
  • Available in a range of assorted colors
  • Durable outer fabric
  • Filled with UltimaX polystyrene beans
  • Double locked zipper for protection



  • No inner lining to protect the beans from going haywire if you wish to wash the outer cover.
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