BayB Bean Bag For Babies

Product Name:BayB Bean Bag For Babies
Size:28 x 20 x 16 inches
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One of my best friends bought this bean bag chair for her newly born baby. She spent months research on baby bean bags and came to conclusion that this is the most suitable bean bag within her budget. This bean bag can be used out of the box as it comes pre-filled.  Also it is great for laying your baby in it while you are busy. My friend is doing an online job and she does all her work while her baby sleeps in the bean bag. Also she carries her baby using this bean bag even on trips. As it contains a soft seat belt, your lovely baby is secured in the bean bag.



  • Double stitched for security and comfort.
  • Allow the beans to freely move to secure it gives the right shape for your baby.
  • Perfectly accommodate your child’s weight
  • so soft and lightweight.
  • Soft and comfortable seat belt for the safety
  • Very portable. Can be used to overnight trip.
  • One of the best selections which in < $100 category.




Only concern on the BayB Bean Bag chair is the elevated design. Baby should be keep on the bean bag should be under supervision of a guardian. All the times, the safety belt should be used.



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