Baseball bean bag chair

Product Name:Baseball bean bag chair
Size:29 x 29 x 29 inches
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Is your kid a baseball fan? My kid is a baseball fan and I bought him the baseball bean bag chair. A great fit for a baseball themed room. So if your child is like mine. I know this bean bag will be taken into account. Still, it’s important to focus on the benefits you get with a bean bag. Let’s go over the bean bag and see what it has to offer.

• Baseball design
• Vinyl cover
• Weighs only 8 pounds

• Vinyl cover makes for low maintenance. The product can be easily cleaned. The material is strong and durable.
• A lightweight product that only weighs 8 pounds. That’s great news for those who look for free shipping. These items commonly available for free shipping.
• Baseball design is perfect for baseball fans. The best thing about the bean bag. Products like these help introduce sport to children

• Small size only fits for children. Although it comfortable for children. The bean bag is too small to be comfortable for adults. Not recommended for adults.

It’s a pretty average bean bag. The materials are common for low-cost bean bags. When it comes to comfort it’s not bad. Surprisingly the bag is stuffed. Probably more than other comparable bean bags. The vinyl materials cheap but great for kids. It’s easy to clean because of the vinyl. Overall a great bean bag for a kid who love baseball.

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