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baby bean bag chair

Summary: This is a one-stop guide for a Baby Bean Bag Chair. This article provides comprehensive buying guide and reviews of top 3 baby bean bags.

“You just became a parent!”



Now, the time to care for your newborn has come. As a parent, you already know how precious a child can be. You simply want what is best for them all of the time – even as they grow older. No matter how much you do, you always feel like there’s something more you can do to make your precious happier and more comfortable.

Unfortunately, at a very young age, there are not much that you can do for your baby. Except for being a parent and doing all you can to ensure they are comfortable, well fed and healthy.

Babies, whether newborn or already growing older, need special care in order to ensure they grow up properly without any development or health issues. One of the major concerns regarding a baby’s health is the amount of time they sleep. While sleep is very important for adults, it is even more important for babies.

Thus, as a parent, you should always ensure your kiddo gets enough sleep. Comfort can often be the key to ensuring your toddler gets enough sleep in order to develop normally – both physically and mentally. Thus, buying the best bed or object that your kid can sleep in becomes an essential part of your new shopping list.

While a crib is excellent for keeping your toddler safe and sound during night, you cannot easily move the crib around the house as you wish. At the same time, a baby chair, which can be moved easily, usually contains a hard material that is not comfortable at all – unless you are willing to dig deep into your wallet for a more comfortable choice.

baby bean bag chair

For parents who are facing this problem, we would like to introduce you to baby bean bag chairs.

What Is it?

Bean bag chairs are very popular and people sometimes even use it in their lounge to provide a comfortable seating option for themselves. As well as for their guests. A toddler bean bag chair follows the same principle, but offer features that have been developed specifically with the toddler and their comfort in mind.

A baby bean bag chair is essentially a piece of fabric that is filled with some kind of substance. The substances used are always roundish. The most popular substances used in bean bags include dried beans and polystyrene, although polystyrene-filled chairs are actually called a Sacco chair.

Reading about this type of chair without actually using one yourself before may cause you to doubt its comfort level and convenience. There are, however, no reason to be doubtful. A baby bean bag chair is specifically designed with special beads or beans, or another similar substance that can adjust to the baby’s body.

It will make a cushioning effect. When this happens, the baby’s entire body is supported by the substances found in the chair, thus providing a comfortable environment to sleep on.

baby bean bag

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Benefits Of Buying A Baby Bean Bag Chair

Buying a bean bag for you newborn has many benefits. The most common benefit of these chairs is the level of comfort they can offer the toddler – thus improving sleep quality and, in some cases, even sleep duration. Other benefits include:

  • Like the name implies, these chairs are specifically developed for babies. They are a perfect size and is able to support the toddler’s specific weight. This feature makes it very useful if you intend to give your kid a comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Many of the toddler bean bags that are available on the market contain a removable cover. This simply means cleaning chair will not be a hassle at all. Simply remove the cover, wash it and then put it back on. Since the cover may be removable, it also means you can buy more covers and then interchange the covers as you wash them, adding some variety and creativity to your baby’s chair.
  • Apart from the fact that these chairs are excellent for laying a toddler down and giving them something comfortable to sleep on, the often also comes with built-in sit up support. We all know that it can take a toddler quite some time before they can properly sit up by themselves, thus the added support will help them sit up without falling over or facing any other issues.
  • The substances in the bean bag chair are added based on their level of comfort and their ability to provide a cushioning effect. This means that, once the new born has been placed on the chair, it will automatically adjust to the shape of the baby’s body and provide support – in some cases, even for heavier babies.
  • Carrying a toddler bean bag to the lounge or other area of the house will be much easier and more comfortable than having to constantly move the baby’s crib or putting the baby into a handheld chair that can be carried, but without such excellent support for their tiny bodies.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Spoiler: Find our most recommended bean bag for your toddler here

Now you have read all of the benefits a toddler bean bag can offer your baby.  And you might’ve already typed the words “baby bean bag chair” in your web browser. Am I Correct?

But think before you click on the “Buy Now” button. And ask below question from yourself.

“How am I going to select the Best Bean bags for my lovely baby?”

Take a look at below most vital factors that you should consider when you buy one of these chairs. This will help you ensure you buy a high-quality bean bag chair for your baby, without running into any problems.

  • You should consider the size of the chair. It should not be too small for your baby, but also not too big.
  • Analyze the cover of the chair. Consider the cover’s softness and stitches – does it look like material that will easily tear? How is the stitching? Does the cover have any objects that may be unpleasant to the baby?
  • Determine the specific beans or substances used in the chair. Some substances can cause rough surface. Always read the reviews before buying.
  • Consider the comfort level of the chair. Try squeezing your hand, or another part of your body onto the chair. See how well the chair adjusts to the sitting object. (Apply some pressure for it to test).

Tips to Choose the Best

Have you decided that you are going to invest in a toddler bean bag chair for your infant?

Now you know about the facts to considered when buying such a chair. It is time to start looking for one. These tips will make choosing the perfect chair easier, faster and more convenient:

  • Never simply buy the first baby bean bag chair that you see. There are many different options – they use different substances on the inside and has various useful features. Do some research before you make a final decision.
  • Do not buy a bean bag that does not support your toddler’s weight. They all mention the maximum recommended weight.


Babies are precious and need to sleep for 16 to 20 hours per day. This helps their brain and body develop normally. When it comes to a good sleep, comfort is the main concern. A toddler bean bag is designed to support the baby’s weight and to improve comfort. Thus resulting in longer, more peaceful sleep.

Always read BeanBagsExpert’s baby bean bag reviews before buying any bean bag.

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