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Sarah Williams

I’m Sarah Williams. A true fan of Bean Bag Chairs. The story of Bean Bags Expert goes to beginning of 2016. At the mid of 2016, I have planned the web site and bought this domain. Slowly this grew up like a little kid.

Bean Bag Vs. Memory Foam Furniture

This article will explain the differences between bean bags and furniture made with memory foam. When manufacturing different furniture, manufacturers use different raw materials, including fabrics, fillers, wood, steel, and plastic. And according to the people’s preferences, they suit the best furniture that perfectly fits the relevant purpose. People used memory foam-filled coaches and sofas …

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Bean Bags Without Chemicals

Everything in this world is a combination of chemicals. For example, trees, flowers, rocks, the sun, fabric, and all other things are made with chemical ingredients. Without them, there is no life or world. So, chemical ingredients are the building blocks of everything. However, the word chemical used to express different meanings. Mostly if people …

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Comparison – Bean Bag vs. Chair

From time to time, some people introduce innovative things. Some are refused by society while some others are accepted. The Bean bag is a concept that was introduced in the 70’s century. It has acquired a significant market share worldwide from that day to now. However, researching the facts about why bean bags have become …

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