5 Hottest Beanbag Trends in the Year 2019

When the bean bag chairs hit the stores in the 1970’s, they personified this image of a laid-back lifestyle. Interestingly, the bean bags could make a transition to the 80’s as well and became symbolic of magnificent furniture silhouettes. The 1990’s and the 2000’s added this element of colorfulness to the bean bags. Toddler bean bag chair was the demand of the day. Now 2019 has emerged with a new perception.  This year has brought about more flexibility in the trend, and everything is welcome that tends to blend in well with the design. Let us have a look at the hottest trends of 2019.

What you get to see in the bean bag market nowadays

Now the following are the details of what you will get to see in the market nowadays.

  • Classic Loungers are the talk of the town: The classic lounger is an all-time favorite The reason is that it is full of cushion and has a neutral tone. It tends to work perfectly in a cozy corner of your house.
  • Convenience is the demand of the day: The bean bag chairs of today are designed to suit your convenience. The best part is that you can loosen the strap and can make use of your bean bag as a floor
  • Out of the box design ideas are becoming popular: The concept of Knitted bean bags has also become very popular. The knitted bean bags showcase a great texture.
  • Leather bean bags will never lose their charm: If you believe that the traditional leather bean bags will go out of fashion, then you are mistaken. The sleek designed leather bean bags will never go out of fashion. When they are upholstered in leather, then this adds the element of durability as well.
  • Round frames are making headlines: The round frame of the traditional bean bag chair is still quite popular in 2019. It gives this contemporary and solid look.
  • The eclectic patterns are appealing to the buyers: You can also get hold of eclectic pattern designs in these beanbags.
  • Pillow shaped beanbags have got acclaim: Now to bring about the element of innovation, the designers have also come up with the idea of pillow shapes in beanbags. This gives this unique touch to your room.


The Hottest Trends of 2019

  1. The multipurpose beanbag chairs are in trend:If you are looking for the most popular adult beanbag chairs, then there is no substitute for multipurpose beanbags. Nowadays people prefer those beanbags which you can use as a sleeper and chair both. To top it all these beanbags make use of high-quality Ultimax beans, and this tends to give a refreshing feel when you are sitting.


These multipurpose beanbags have additional qualities as well. The outer fabric makes use of the SmartMax fabric. These multipurpose beanbags are designed in a way that they can easily accommodate two people. Storage is also easy as they can be stored under the bed without a problem.

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  1. People want to go for child safe beanbags:Now when people go for the beanbags, they prefer only those that have a safety zipper. When the zippers are there, then the children will not be able to access the cover stitching along the cover seam and the filler. This has become key criteria when people make the purchase because beanbag chairs that do not have these features can be hazardous for kids.

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  1. Everyone loves Polyester beanbags:People now have developed a special inclination for Polyester beanbags because of the superior quality of the material. This material is water resistant, and you will be able to get hold of a chair that makes use of the pure polyester material. The best part is that you will be able to get plenty of choices when you have decided to go for polyester beanbag.

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Now it is important for most of you to make an investment on an item that will be lasting. This is why the Polyester beanbags do have their edge. They are quite durable as well. Look at the comparison chart below it shows the common materials available in beanbags and Polyester is shown to be the top choice as per the chart.


Image reference: www. getdoob.com


  1. People want lightweight beanbags:  When you go out shopping, then obviously you do not want the ordeal of handling a heavyweight beanbag. Most people prefer the lightweight beanbags. The reason is that they are so easy to carry around. Lightweight beanbags are the main preference when you want to get bean bag chairs for kids.See our recommended Baby Beanbag chair buying guide.


  1. 6 foot beanbags are gaining attention: Now the year 2019 has brought about the popularity of the 6 foot beanbags. They add to the appeal of sprawling rooms and have grandeur of their own.

Nowadays people opt for 6 foot beanbags as a replacement for the recliner or the love seat as well. The best part is that the 6 foot beanbags are designed in a way that they may be placed in your drawing or can be placed in the lounge as well. This is why you can enjoy playing video games sitting and relaxing on it. The emergence of theatre rooms in the recent years have also drawn the attention to 6 foot beanbags.

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The hottest trends mentioned above shows that, it takes a designer a look of thinking and effort to come up with the perfect beanbags. And that will definitely suit your needs. Alexander Wang a reputed name in the Beanbag industry mentions his perception behind his designs as:

“I always loved this idea of hanging out in a basement on beanbags. But taking that youthfulness and recontextualizing it into something very luxurious and aspirational.”

This shows that 2019 has also inculcated the element of luxury in beanbag designs. And this also helps to add this unique look to the interior design of your house. This is why you just cannot miss beanbags by any means at all.



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