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Future of Bean Bag Chairs

We all remember flopping down into our favorite bean bag chair as a child. Feeling the sides conform to our bodies and it was like a big, comfortable hug. For a while, they sort of fell from fashion as designers tried to tell us what we should put in our homes. Now, the future of bean bag chairs looks bright as we are finally starting to take back our desire for comfort over what they tell us is trendy. Showing...
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Beanbag when playing video games

Are you a gamer? Are your gaming sessions constantly interrupted because you are uncomfortable and must change positions? There is no need to suffer from stiffness, aches or pains if you choose the right chair to game in! Spending long hours in front of a console game system can be demanding on your body. It is important to invest in a supportive and comfortable gaming bean bag chair that will not only provide you comfort but keep you healthy. Standard...
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