Bean Bag Chairs : All you need to know

Best Bean Bags Chairs

Just like the name suggests, bean bag chairs are a type of unique chairs that take different shapes. They are stuffed with a variety of fillings inside, and their shapes are not fixed as compared to the ordinary chairs. Some of the fillers used include velvet, fur, tie, vinyl, cotton, dyes, and other materials. Some of these chairs are filled with many small beads or bits.

Relaxing on the Bean Bag ChairsPhoto credit: Namlhots via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Nowadays, bean bag chairs have become very popular. These chairs have increasingly been used in homes and offices as well. Since when these chairs were introduced in the market, everyone was interested in having one so as to ride the hype. The good thing with these super chairs is that they come in different sizes and shapes.

Today, the bean bag chairs have been advanced, and there are a variety of these chairs to give the buyer several options to choose from. Most of the bean bag chairs can be used by only one person while there are other bigger sizes which can be used by three persons to sit on. For safety and protection measure, there are some of these chairs that come with a patch so as to prevent kids from opening the zipper. This is because if the contents of the seat are emptied can cause possible harm to the child. It can suffocate if a kid played with it accidentally. There is an inner liner that is used to hold the beads.

Bean Bag Chairs are a hit

There are several reasons as to why bean bag chairs are a hit. The first reason is obvious due to the comfort that these chairs offer. Any person can use it, and they provide excellent relaxation to the individual who sits on it.

Bean bag chairs are also very decorative and stylish. And different from the ordinary chairs as they are not fixed in shape. They are much more flexible than the regular seats, and they typically take the shape of the buttocks and hips of the person sitting on it. Bean bag chairs are far much better than the ergonomic chair.

Bean bags are also fantastic as they provide back support. As I have earlier pointed out, they do not have rigid back support as the ordinary chairs. These chairs are therefore more comfortable and prevent back pains.

Bean bag chairs can fit the size of any person. These chairs are very cuddly and cute. They can accentuate any home.


Usage of Bean Bag Chairs

uses of bean bag chairs

Photo credit: Namlhots via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

There are several types of bean bag chairs hence making it possible for them to be used used for different purposes. There are bean bags that can be placed in the children’s room. These kind of chairs are much smaller than the regulars ones making it more suitable for kids. That sort of bean bags can be used by the kids when they are watching television or playing their computer games. The kids bean bags can also be useful when telling stories to the children. They are much comfortable as compared to the ordinary chairs hence you can spend several hours with your kid without them getting tired of sitting. The storytelling session can be made longer.

It is very easy to shop for kid’s bean bag chairs as there are a variety of designs. Some of them come in fruit shapes such as pumpkin. The baby bean bag chairs also provided with extra features to offer safety to the child so as to avoid accidents. They are more durable hence preventing the contents inside from spilling out.

Sports Bean Bags

There are also bean bags used for sports. This kind of chairs is specifically for sports enthusiasts. They are special chairs designed with some major logos printed on them such as the college teams, baseball logo, hockey, basketball, NASCAR, soccer ball or NFL football. These chairs also come in different shapes such as a shape of sports balls. The soccer bean bag chairs are usually with patches of white and black to resemble a real soccer ball. These chairs are mostly places in the recreational team rooms so as to make it look attractive. They will give you a good feeling when sitting on them as you will be sitting on your favorite sports ball chair. The sports bean bags add excellent accents to your room with a theme.

Other bean bag chairs take the shape of turtles and ducks. They are made to look to appear as if the sitter was on the back of a turtle or a duck. Such seats are ideal for gaming as they are very comfortable and soft. This is why they have become very popular and most liked by most people. They have become more stylish, affordable and perfect for kids. You can search for one online and get the one one that fits your budget. Our guide on choosing bean bag chairs will help you to select the best bean bag for you. If you are looking for kids bean bag chair, we have a separate personally reviewed guide.

Lounger bean bags

Most of the companies have designed Lounger bean bags into loungers. Those can be used by people to sleep on. Most of the lounger bean bag chairs are made to be waterproof so it can be used outdoors. Which called as outdoor bean bag chairs. You can take it to your backyard and enjoy the sun rays while sleeping on it. Such bean bags are very convenient while in a vacation or for temporary residency. There are different styles and designs of these chairs, and they can be placed at various locations such during camping, poolside, on the deck, spare room, den, kid’s area and apartments. They can be used as a chair as well as a lounge hence very economical as they save on space especially if there is a limited area in the rooms. This kind of bean bag is also easier to carry.

There are also structured bean bags and ottomans. This kind is very fantastic as it is designed to match an ottoman. They are used to serve the purpose of an ordinary chair. It is filled with virgin beads and has a secure cover to make it able to withstand adverse weather conditions and misuse. It is made with a waterproof material, and the cover is easy to clean. This kind of chair is very comfortable and safe for kids.

There are also other types of bean bag chairs such as leather bean bags, sofas, fat boy, bean bag guns, bean bag lap desks and, love sack which can be used for specific purposes.


How to select Bean Bag Chairs

types of bean bags

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Nowadays, bean bag chairs come in different styles, designs, shapes, and fabrics. The task of choosing a bean bag chair can be very time-consuming and cumbersome as the many options in the market can overwhelm you hence become confused on which is the best one for you. If you have been thinking of buying a bean bag chair for your room, then count yourself lucky as this simple guideline will help you to come up with the bean bag for your room. Here are some of the features that you should consider while shopping for bean bag chair.


1. Fabric

Just the way there are different types of bean bag chairs in the market, the material also comes in different varieties. The commonly used fabric is vinyl. However, some people don’t like this material as they find it uncomfortable since it is very sticky. All the same, vinyl material is easy to wipe and clean and this makes it better as compared to other materials. You should make sure that when selecting a vinyl cover that the fabric is made of a lead-less vinyl inks. Other bean bag chairs come in other materials such as fun fur, leather, cotton, denim, and micro-fiber. When you are choosing the best fabric that suits you, make sure that you go for a bean bag chair that has a liner so that you will be able to remove the cover and wash it periodically.

You should note that, regardless of the fabric that you like, check for a high-quality material. The kind of fabric you choose should be sustainable and be able to withstand wear and tear. The fabric should be durable as it sits direct to the floor and the chair is usually pushed and pulled in different directions. The seam of the seat should have double stitches with a bright nylon so as to strengthen it. To that your kids are safe you should make sure that zippers are locked so as to prevent children from opening the back and empty the fill. The bean bag should as well have a double zip so as to ensure the bag is safe and hold the fill inside the bag.


2. Size and shape

The size and shape of a bean bag are also important when shopping for one. You should choose the shape that serves your needs. If you require one that offers some extra back support, go for bean bags with a pear shape design. Such bean bags will cover more of your body as they are tall. If you want a bean bag that can accommodate two people, look for a flatter pancaked shaped design. This kind of bean bag can also substitute a coffee table.
The pancake bean bag chair serves better as a lounger rather than a chair. Other bean bag chairs are specifically designed to be used by kids. Such bean bags are smaller in size than the regular seats. You should first look at the shape and size of the bean bag chair when choosing your chair so as to ensure that they suit their purpose.


3. Fill

You should also be concerned about the fillings that are stuffed in the bean bag. The fill should be made of a high-quality material of recycled polystyrene fill. Some of the fillers that are commonly used include fur, tie, vinyl, cotton, dyes, velvet and many other materials. Some chairs are filled with many small beads or bits. Regardless of the kind of fill that is used, it should be plenty enough so as to provide you with the required support as well give enough comfort and be strong enough to endure compression without deforming or losing its sponginess. If you are concerned about the environment conservation, choose a bean bag with 100% recycled polystyrene. The fill should also be nonflammable or one that complies with the flammability standards.


4. Design

The designs for bean bag chairs are many and amazing. The good news is the models are offered at reasonable prices, and you can choose the one that fits your needs. There are bean bag chairs with animal prints suitable for fashionable and stylish individuals. Such kind of designs will make your room very attractive and for lovers of wildlife, you can choose an animal print of the animal you love. Most of these bean bags are not only beautiful, but they are also affordable. Other bean bags are made of the bomber style making them ideal for kids as well as adults. They offer enough support for the back and neck. They also have safety zippers and strong seams to make them long lasting and offer an extra relaxing feeling.

Several designs are offered in the market leaving you with several options to choose from depending on your needs. Some companies can even do custom designs for their customers. When you are designing your room, bean bag pattern can offer a guide to design the rest of your room or even use them as a highlight. If you want to raise some money for a certain project, you can use a customized bean bag chair in advertising your cause or your favorite sports team. With customization, there are no limits, and you can think of anything and put it on your bean bag chair.

The bean bag chairs designs are endless. Other themes that are available include, colleges, camouflage, cotton, fun far, sports, leather, vinyl solids or vinyl prints and tapestries.


This is all that you may want to know about bean bag chairs. I know they are worth your investment and having one for your kid or yourself will never disappoint you.

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